7 new ferry lines between Asia and Europe in Istanbul

Istanbul ferry

More ferries have landed in the waters of the Marmara Sea and Bosphorus, as the city of Istanbul has expanded its transportation network on water.

New lines for the ferries

An additional seven brand-new ferry lines have started operating, carrying passengers between the European side of Istanbul and the Asian side; they will carry more than 15 million people. In September, the transportation coordination centre of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB) approved the new lines to be launched.

Where the lines will voyage from and to

There are a number of lines that will be available to the public for passengers between Kadikoy on the Asian side of Istanbul and Eyupsultan on the European side. Other lines will be transporting between Avcilar and Kadikoy, and Avcilar and Bostanci. Between Maltepe district and the Princes’ Islands, including Buyukada, Heybeliada, Kinaliada and Burgazada, there will be a number of lines. Similarly, there will be a ferry line between Cengelkoy and Kabatas. More lines will run over several cities: Bostanci-Caddebostan-Moda-Kadikoy-Kabatas and Besiktas-Kabatas-Karakoy-Kasimpasa-Sutluce-Eyupsultan.

The price cost of the ferries per passenger

It has been reported that the prices will vary between lines and for example, the ferry line between Avcilar and Bostanci will charge $1.70 (TL 31.8). The lowest ferry line is between Cengelkoy and Kabatas at TL 9.4.

The line between Kadikoy, Kasimpasa, Fener, Sutluce, and Eyupsultan will have a travel time of about 50 minutes. They will be in operation once every hour and the capacity of the ferry will be approximately 400. The line running between Besiktas, Kabatas, Karakoy, Kasimpasa, Sutluce, and Eyupsultan will run each day twelve times.

Refunds on other transports

All transport to and from the ferry lines, including other mass transportations that are operated by the municipality, will see passengers enjoy a refund of 50%.

The Mayor of Istanbul, Ekrem Imamoglu, has pledged to increase the number of sea travelling options for the city, and has recently introduced sea taxis, which would be operating across the city to cut out traffic and emissions.

Biggest aviation hub now biggest maritime hub?

Although the city of Istanbul has the biggest hub of aviation in the country and sits at the crossroads of land journeys for Europe and Asia, there has always been a limit on the options for maritime passenger transport. Similarly, there is limited options between Istanbul and the Princes’ Islands. While there are other passenger ferries in operation from Istanbul to the islands dotted within the Marmara, along with Yalova, a small province between Bursa and Istanbul, these new lines will increase options for the citizens and tourists of Turkey.


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