3.8 million flock to Turkey’s National Palaces in 6 months

Dolmabahce Palace

From January to June of 2023, the National Palaces administration under the Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye observed a notable increase of 18% in the total number of visitors to its historic palaces, mansions, and pavilions. The increase was observed among both domestic and foreign visitors, surpassing the previous year's record with a total count of over 3.8 million visitors.

The heart of the Ottoman Empire: Topkapi Palace

Among all the sites, Topkapi Palace stood out as the most popular amongst tourists, with just under two million visitors recorded. The palace served as the heart of the Ottoman Empire for nearly four centuries and was a significant attraction for visitors due to its rich history and cultural significance. The exhibitions showcasing the Sacred Relics, calligraphy plates, writing instruments, treasures, sultans' clothes, and the Mecidiye Mansion were contributing factors to the rise in the number of visitors.

Final resting place: the Dolmabahce Palace

Dolmabahce Palace, the final residence of the Ottoman rulers, also saw a significant increase in visitors, welcoming 660,922 individuals according to the data released. Additionally, Beylerbeyi Palace hosted 220,870 people. The number of foreign tourists in the National Palaces venues increased from 1.20 million to 1.34 million, indicating a growing interest in the cultural and historical significance of these Turkish landmarks.

Facilities associated with National Palaces also see surge

Furthermore, other sites affiliated with the National Palaces administration also experienced a surge in foreign visitors, including Kucuksu Pavilion, Beykoz Mecidiye Summer Palace, Beykoz Glass and Crystal Museum, and the gardens of the National Palaces structures. In the first half of the year, the Museum of Islamic Civilizations, which has been free since its opening, welcomed a total of 439,421 visitors, while 94,636 individuals explored only the National Palaces' gardens.

Local and international landmarks

Overall, the increase in the number of visitors to the National Palaces administration's historic sites indicates a growing interest in the cultural and historical significance of these landmarks, both locally and internationally. The administration's efforts to showcase the rich history and cultural significance of these sites have clearly paid off, contributing to the overall growth in the tourism industry in Türkiye in 2023.


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