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Design & Build , Designer Turkey

The Spirit of Designer Turkey

Designer Turkey is a team of passionate professionals who realise client's need for a custom built home. The clients play a pivotal role throughout the entire process of building their home in Turkey.

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Straight Talk

Raising a family in Turkey - Experiences of an Expat

Raising a family in Turkey brings many questions from potential clients of ours on a daily basis. In this new episode, we share insights from living in Australia versus living in Turkey with a family.

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Aladdin's Turkey , Istanbul

What are best areas to live in the Asian side of Istanbul?

Istanbul is a city of two halves, split into a European side and Asian side. We present our top five areas for those who are looking to live in the Asian side, including Kadikoy, Atasehir, and more.

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Aladdin's Turkey

The TOP 7 cities to live in Turkey?

In a country as big as Turkey, buyers have a plethora of cities to choose from when deciding where to live. We take a look at the TOP 7 cities that we recommended for living in Turkey permanently.

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Straight Talk , Turkish Lira

TURKISH LIRA depreciates AGAIN! What does this mean?

How do you make money in an economy where the currency is depreciating? In this video, we tackle the depreciation of Turkish Lira against hard currencies such as USD and what investors can do.

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