Why Foreigners Like Living in Alanya

These days, many foreigners like living in Alanya, Turkey. A previous newspaper report by Daily Sabah said that there were 31,500 foreigners of 82 different nationalities living there all year round at the last count. Alanya Foreigners Council, established 15 years ago to make sure the foreigners who make up 10% of the population could fit into the community, released the stats. Praising the multicultural integration of local Turks and foreigners, Alanya is Turkey's mini version of the United Nations. Of course, its Mediterranean coastal position is a great lure, but why do foreigners choose Alanya as their forever home, and if you want to move, is it the right lifestyle choice? Read on to find out.

Life in Alanya, Turkey

Why Foreigners like Living in Alanya

1: Investment into the Community

Over the last ten years, Alanya local council kept reinvesting into the city centre and surrounding districts. The result is a better quality of life, but they also looked to the outside world to grow their popularity. Mass promotion of the tourism market has increased numbers, therefore increasing job opportunities, and the tourism popularity had a knock-on effect for foreign homeownership.

2: Cost of Living

Money makes the world go round, and this is where Alanya delivers by offering a low cost of living. In addition, the current, lucrative exchange rate for those receiving an income or pension in a foreign currency means better deals. Thus, for example, the price of household utilities is a fraction of that in foreign countries, and for many foreigners, they have a better quality of life for less money.

3: Low Property Prices

Compared to many places in Turkey like Kas or Kalkan, Alanya delivers affordable property prices for those who want to own their own home rather than rent. In certain districts like Mahmutlar, budget apartment living is popular but head into the city centre to find a luxury villa with fantastic sea views. If you want to buy property in Alanya, browse our portfolio of apartments and villas to find out exactly what your money gets. Each listing also contains contact numbers to arrange a viewing or find out more information by email.

Alanya in Turkey

4: Part of the Larger Antalya Region

Alanya belongs to the larger Antalya area of Turkey that is a Mediterranean hub. Known for having the best shopping and nightlife scenes on Turkey's southern coast, Antalya is a centre of excellence for sailing, offers up oodles of attractions and things to do. The region also has an airport near the city centre which makes getting to and from Alanya via other countries is easy.

5: Best Weather Climate

Many people think Turkey only has one weather climate; however, the country separates into several geographical zones. If hot, hot summers and mild winters are what you want, Alanya is the place to head to. Expect roughly 300 days of sunshine a year, and you can even take a swim on New Year's Day. Its weather climate is one of the best in Turkey. 

6: Outdoor Lifestyle and Things to Do

Of course, low living costs and weather in Alanya encourage everyone to live a life outdoors, which doctors say is good for our mind, body, and soul. Alfresco style dining is popular, or head up the road to the nearby resort of Belek to participate in a round of golf. Then, head inland to Koprulu canyon for white-water rafting, or go low-key with hiking, trekking, photography. The choice is endless, and if you choose to live in Alanya, and do not work, now is an ideal time to pursue your interests and hobbies. (Popular places to visit in Alanya.)

7: Gorgeous Beaches

In Alanya, the beach is not just for swimming and sunbathing, but instead, a lifestyle choice and Alanya delivers by offering up several gorgeous beaches, including Cleopatra's, which Trip Advisor users rated as the best in Turkey. In addition, most beaches either have a promenade or selected restaurants and bars nearby, so anytime you want that sea view, you are within a short walking distance.

Beaches in Alanya

8: Impressive transport Network

You do not have to own a car in Alanya because the local council makes life easy for citizens with an impressive transport system. Local dolmus buses run around all the neighbourhoods and connect with the larger Antalya otogar to get to other places in Turkey. As well as Antalya airport, there is the nearby Gazipasa airport, and taxis are pretty cheap.

9: Sailing the Turkish Riviera

Lastly, Alanya is the last point on the favoured Turkish Riviera that stretches round from the northern Aegean. Locals love sailing from Spring to Autumn, and during the tourism season, boats often leave from the daily harbours for a leisurely cruise around the coast. So, if life at sea is what you desire, Alanya is the place to head to.

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Alanya at night


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