Why buy property in Side, Antalya

The city of Side, TurkeyIf you are thinking about buying home abroad, you should consider Side, Turkey. Including its unique name, this town has history, beaches, warm weather, and fun for all ages. This would be a perfect holiday rental, buy to let option, or permanent home. The added bonus of being close to the bustling city of Antalya makes this an overall great area to invest in Turkey and live in one of its nicest resorts.. 

Side has many facets and promises a varied experience for every visitor, while ever expanding and establishing a more modern era vibe this city always stays true to its rich and historical past, which always co-exists harmoniously and is a highlight amongst the formation of a new age posh getaway.

Side’s History

Located on the southern Mediterranean coast of Turkey, this town is a classical antique town but also a booming contemporary holiday resort. Side holds an abundance of historical meaning and is considered as one of the most well-known classical sites in Turkey. Recorded around 7 B.C. it is said that Greek settlers from Cyme in Aeolis founded Side, which Aeolis was a region of western Anatolia. The Greek god Athena was its tutelary deity and was honoured throughout the city as the city’s guardian patron, as well as adorned upon their currency. 

Great Gate in SideThe town was comprised mostly of a piratical horde, which abandoned their native language to adopt the language of the dwelling aborigines. This language was so profound that Greek migrants who settled here later abandoned their native tongue and adopted the indigenous language, which has been found sprawled across artefacts unearthed in excavations. The inscribed language remains a mystery but attests to the strong indigenous language that all settlers adopted in this region.

Side’s aquatic location made it the prime central port making it the epicentre-trading harbour for Pamphylia and its region. Side was a very important location to Pamphylia, which is now the Antalya province. Side was one of the centre ports in this piratical region that mainly dealt in the trade of goods and slave trading between the hordes. Later the Pamphylia region was annexed by the Romans that left great monuments attributed to the reign of the region, that still stand in the ruins around this antique region including Side. Alexander the great took control of Side in 333 B.C. without resistance. 

The coming of Alexander saw the adoption of the Hellenistic culture, which was prominent through the 4th and 1st Century B.C. During the Roman control, it was widely rumoured that Side was the secret rendezvous place where Alexander and Cleopatra would secretly meet up. When Alexander died Side fell under control of one of his generals, Ptolemy I Soter, who proclaimed himself the king of Egypt in 305 B.C. Side has seen several declines and revivals the last being in 1895 when Turkish Muslim refugees migrated and settled in the abandoned forgotten city. Side made a flourishing comeback and was once again restored to the lively city of it past. This attests to the present day Side, which has become a popular holiday spot.

Map of Side, TurkeyWhere is Side?

Side, pronounced See-Day, is located about 15KM from the large popular lively city of Antalya and about 50 mins from the Antalya airport. Side is also a peninsula that is only about 1KM in distance. The roads here are mainly double carriageways. There are long sandy beaches that stretch along this land mass and side is nestled between two very prominent beaches on the Turquoise coast, also known as the Turkish Riviera. Side is an amazing harbour town that many flock to for holiday. The scenery, beaches, and relaxing atmosphere coupled with their amazing restaurants and site-seeing make this a desirable holiday location. 

What is there to do in Side?

This area is shrouded in rich history and romantic lure, which is no wonder it would have been the prime location for Alexander and Cleopatra’s secret meeting place. Even with the ever-growing popularity of the holiday resort, it co-exists and places great importance on its rich history. 

SideThe town builds upon its history, staying true to their past while greeting the present. You can see this in the shops and restaurant that are integrated on ancient cobbled streets or the ruins of old shops and buildings around this town that can still be seen with their original motif tile flooring. A timeless feeling and enchanted atmosphere surround this city. The streets are filled with vendors, that sell all types of specialty goods and the introduction to the Euro has been an important catalyst of this flourishing city. The nearby city Manavgat holds many banks, offices and markets that are reminiscent of those found in the UK, so if you need to transfer, receive or exchange currency or just want to shop around familiar markets this would be a prime town to visit while staying in Side. 

Holidays mean a time to relax and let go the daily hustle and bustle for everyone. Side is the perfect area to shed the stress of the daily grind and relax in a naturally beautiful area. This town permeates peace and good feeling vibes. From the hospitable people, who seem to be the norm for all of Turkey, to the long sandy beaches calling for you to come and relax.

Bridge near AspendosSide offers historical sites to explore and new era posh establishments to enjoy. There are amazing outdoor markets and vendors, in Old Town Side, who are always willing to haggle. Magnificent ruins are scattered throughout this area. Some of the ruins such as the Apollo Theatre, Aspendos Bridge, and Side museum are well worth exploring but be warned you will need a whole day or more to take in all of the amazing historically rich sites of Side. 

There are also quite a few guided tours you can partake in during your stay. Included in these tours is a hot air balloon trip, which would be perfect for relaxing and taking in an aerial view of the panoramic landscape. For those who are a bit more lively and energetic Side holds many animated electric nightclubs, which come alive once the rest of town settles down for the night. One of the most popular in this area is the lighthouse disco at the harbour but in addition to the local neon lighted discos. 

Why Buy Property in Side and What are the Prices?

There are many reasons to consider buying or investing in real estate in Side, Turkey. This area is ideal for family holiday homes. The long sandy beaches, magical atmosphere, mild winters and constant sunshine make this area a perfect place to invest. The opportunities are endless, whether you want to buy to let because of the droves of holiday goers each year or just want to buy a home abroad for yourself this area will offer it all. Most properties found here are generally luxury apartment homes in well-managed complexes. 

Sunny Side villaA respectable sized 2 bedroom apartment home can go anywhere from as low as 70,000 Euro to 130,000 Euro. If you are looking for a larger place to call home a 3 to 4 bedroom home will have a sale price from as low as 140,000 Euro to 180,000 Euro and give you all the space and privacy desired for a comfortable living space. 

This area is perfect for buyers in the market for short term and long term real estate investments due to its amazing location and being in direct vicinity of the beautiful and booming bigger city of Antalya. The people who choose to buy here enjoy the relaxing living of a median sized town, that holds its own excitement and allure but the quiet comfort of a more laid backed relaxed resort town, with the bonus of being in close proximity to the larger livelier city of Antalya. 

The overall impression and atmosphere of this town is one of timelessness and a dreamlike enchantment that emanates from every corner of this city. The peaceful panoramic landscapes and views are sure to be the perfect prescription for any weary traveller. 

Enjoy the many sides of Side and take comfort in buying a luxury home, which will stand up and rival many of Europe’s posh accommodations but at a fraction of the price and less crowded proximity. So think of Side when you are considering your next abroad home, you will not be disappointed and you cannot beat the location with its rich history, down home hospitality, and elegant homes for any taste, Side truly has all the potential needed to make a great home investment.


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