Where to enjoy Autumn in Turkey

Autumn in Turkey is an ideal time to travel. Travel agents drop their peak time premium charges, so you can save money on flights, hotels and exploring. Sitting somewhere between the hot sticky days of summer and the quiet ambience of winter, no matter where you go, fewer crowds also ensure freedom, peace and relaxation.

However, for us, we also like it because gone are the sweaty days, yet it is still warm to bask on the beaches or sunbath on the veranda. We also love the changing landscapes as earthy colours come into play. The abundance of vibrant yellows, orange, red and brown sales dominate the landscapes offering the perfect picture postcard scene for any wannabe photographer.

Then there is the food! The fish season is in full flow and diners sample the biggest and best of daily catches. Likewise, everyone heads to the olive groves and on the Aegean coast, where the best and biggest olives grow, sampling them at the local market is a pleasant journey into healthy eating and a crucial ingredient of a healthy Mediterranean diet.

Towards the later days of autumn, traditional street carts selling roasted chestnuts hit the streets in the major cities, and local markets display fresh fruit and vegetables slowly cultivated through summer and picked with tender loving care. Alternatively, walk the streets of any traditional Turkish village, to find fruit trees lining the pavements and dropping pomegranates and figs in abundance.

If we still haven’t persuaded you that autumn in Turkey is an excellent time, then we present the places that become glorious landscapes during this season.

Autumn in Istanbul

7 Places to Visit During Autumn in Turkey

Bozcaada Island: Home of Fine Wine

Few foreign tourists visit Bozcaada, yet among Turks, it is well known and the later days of September are a wonderful time to visit because the grape season sets in. Local agencies sell tours to the vineyards where you can learn about their winemaking process stretching back centuries. Even the locals of Bozcaada say the best time to visit is autumn as they invite you for long walks through the countryside, followed by a glass of their local speciality wine, in the evening.

Cappadocia in the Central Anatolia Region

If wine is your passion in life and you want to continue the theme, get yourself to Cappadocia in October. The local region of Urgup that is likewise a major producer of wines offers up different varieties with distinctive tastes because of the difference in topography to Bozcaada. While you there, also explore Ihlara valley, an amazing site of nature in Autumn and see the amazing landscape from a hot air balloon trip.

Beypazari: Where Flora and Fauna Thrive

Just three hours’ drive away from Cappadocia, Beypazari is one of the lesser talked about places in the travel industry. However, it is well known, especially in bird watching circles. The Inozu valley part is a protected national park, but as well as offering the chance to see many species of wildlife, the autumn colours of the landscape are peaceful, yet eye-catching at the same time.

Beypazari Turkey

Lake Abant: A Family-Friendly Destination of Turkey

One place in Turkey gaining popularity for its spectacular autumn views is the Lake Abant region. Hugely popular with Turks and tourists from Middle East countries, everything and anything focuses on the great outdoors, so favourite daytime activities include hiking, walking around the lake or bicycling. During winter, snow falls turning the scene into a white blanket befitting a fairy-tale story, yet in autumn, the earthy colours are warm and welcoming for everyone.

The Kackar Mountains: Where the Wild Roam Free

Colder nights befall the Kackar mountains, because of its elevated sea levels, but if you are looking for amazing autumn scenery, it is worth wrapping up warm. Locals in the Kackar mountains still live off the land, while animals in their natural habitat roam freely. The geographical landscapes prevent masses of concentrate buildings, hence this is a terrific opportunity to get up front with Mother Nature, as she prepares for winter.

Areas particularly noted for beautiful landscapes are the Ayder plateau and Uzungol, both of which are renowned for their hand-built wooden hotels using trees from the surrounding forests. Of the latter, walk up the mountain roads surrounding it, to get an almost bird's eye view.

Black sea in Turkey Autumn

Oludeniz: Home of the Blue Lagoon

So, maybe we have sold you the idea of visiting during autumn in Turkey, but you only want to relax and chill out, rather than go hiking or exploring. Well, the good news is that in the fall, the packed crowds on the beaches leave because all kids, both foreign and Turks go back to school. We particularly adore Oludeniz beach during this time. It is so large that in many areas, you feel like you have the whole beach to yourself. Sunbathe and swim in various other spots close by including Butterfly Valley and the famous Blue Lagoon.

Cirali: Natural Living

Cirali, on the Mediterranean coast, belongs to the Antalya region but ticks all the boxes regarding activities and things to do. It shares a long beach with the rural village of Olympus. To break up those sunbathing days, hire a bike or walk on the surrounding mountain roads. Tourist attractions also include the ruins of Olympus, the burning flames of chimaera or just a short drive away, the ruins of Phaselis. We love Cirali in October when it is peaceful and quiet, yet the autumn weather encourages you to get out and explore.

Autumn in Turkey


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