What happens if you Overstay Your Visa in Turkey?

Occasionally clients ask what happens if you overstay your visa in Turkey? More often than not, they are foreign holiday homeowners who want to prolong their usage duration without getting Turkish residency. First, we always say do not do it. Turkish authorities don’t like foreigners who openly flout legal laws and regulations. Gone are the days when foreigners could get away with reprimands and continue about their typical day. These days, Turkish authorities are stringent and stick to rules regardless of circumstances or, in some cases, excuses. The laws come under Turkish passport law 5682, so let us examine what happens when foreigners overstay in Turkey.

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Overstaying Your Visa in Turkey

1: Definition of Overstaying

  • E-visa tourists who overstayed the 90 days out of 180-day rules
  • Foreign residents who didn’t renew their residency permit.

2: Possible Legal Repercussions for Overstaying

  • Banned from entering Turkey for a certain length of time
  • Deportation if still in the country
  • Penalty fine

3: Tourist E-Visa

To check your e-visa, check the dates from when it was issued. Then check all passport entries and existing stamps. The day rule does not apply to continuous duration, so foreigners who have left and re-entered should add up the days of their stays. Foreigners cannot renew tourist visas in Turkey because the law says that they should apply for a residence permit to stay longer. Instead, leave Turkey, and re-enter with a new tourist visa issued three months after the existing one expires. To apply for a residence permit, show proof of address like a rental contract and self-supporting financial means. Those under 65 need to show healthcare insurance or join Turkey’s SGK government scheme.

4: Need to Know About Visas

Turkish law gives a ten-day grace period for anyone overstaying an e-visa or residency permit to leave the country. However, customs officials have discretion as to whether they use it or not. Additionally, they only accept cash payment for fines, and foreigners must pay there and then. For foreigners who cannot pay, customs officials issue declarations to prevent you from re-entering Turkey for up to five years. Officials calculate this fine according to residency permit fees plus penalty fees, but the fine can be higher depending on circumstances and nationality.

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