How to Register a Mobile Phone in Turkey

If you plan to stay in the country for longer than four months, you need to know how to register your mobile phone in Turkey. Owners of all foreign mobile devices like laptops, phones and tablets should register them in the Mobil Cihaz Kayit Sistemi, which stands for Mobile Devices Registration System. It is worth mentioning that most expats who live here all year round purchase a Turkish phone because it is easier and more convenient, and in addition, registration fees are hefty. In addition, should you buy another foreign mobile, you need to change IMEI numbers, and it all gets rather complicated. Moreover, registered devices only work with the card registered with them, so you can not swap SIMs at any point. So, let's look at what you need to do if you decide to go ahead with using your foreign mobile phone.

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How to Register a Mobile Phone in Turkey

1: Collect Everything You Need

Gather your valid passport with entry stamp, Turkish residency permit, latest fee and of course, mobile phone. You also need your unique 15 Digit IMEI number. This stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. Type *#06# into your keypad to find it. It is also listed in the about section on Android and IOS phones. In addition, old-fashioned phones with removable batteries also list it under there.

2: How to Register Online

Go to the nearest post office with your residency permit and passport and ask for an e-devlet password which incurs a small fee. Next, find this website and enter the password given, but change it to a unique one after getting into the system. Next, head to and choose Harc ve Degerli Kagıt Bedeli option. You will pay CEP Telefonu Harci. Fill out the information requested and then complete the numerous choices to pay via online banking or credit card. Once done this, return to the first website for confirmation and a number to see your application in progress. Please note that payment does not always go through straight away.

2: An Alternative

If you don’t want to pay online to register a foreign mobile phone, get your e-devlet password, then head to the local tax office where you reside. Take your mobile phone, residence permit, passport, and IMEI number. First, head to the payment desk to pay the registration fee. Next, take these to one of the three major mobile phone providers; Turkcell, Vodafone, or Turk Telekom. Finally, sign up for a Turkish Sim card and tell the representative you are registering your foreign phone simultaneously.

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