The Penthouse Lifestyle of Istanbul

The idea of a penthouse lifestyle was first born in New York during the 1920s. Initially, the top floors of buildings were storage or maintenance areas. Out of sight and out of mind, they did not interfere with the lives of residents who lived on lower floors. However, money was free flowing at that time, and a new trend was born. The top floors of skyscrapers and buildings became penthouses, and three features were vital. The first was a spectacular view of the city, the second was privacy, and the third was luxury.

In fact, the more luxury, the better. Owning a penthouse was a subtle way of showing off your wealth. It was also symbolic as to your status in society. The higher you lived, the more important you were.

These days, the trend has gone global, appearing in many major cities like Istanbul as both permanent dwelling and luxury travel accommodation. Along with the changing status of the penthouse lifestyle trend, came a change in the type of buyers. Previously buyers were working singles or couples, with a professional job netting them a sizeable monthly income.

The penthouses were the fruits of their labour, but these days, buyers include single people, couples and families. The loft lifestyle has become an all-rounder, appealing to many walks of society if they have the cash to splash.

The Perks of a Penthouse Lifestyle

Penthouses promote quiet living and privacy despite the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Noise from the street below lessens or even diminishes, and because they cover the top floor of buildings, you do not notice the flow of people coming in and out of the building.

If the penthouse is on the top floor, this is a bonus because no-one lives above you. The unobstructed view also means more natural light is coming into the apartment and science has proven copious amounts of natural light is good for your wellbeing.

Personalisation and space are other key factors. Penthouse apartments have more indoor and outdoor space, meaning the owner has much potential to put their stamp on the property.

Customising features such as terraces into rooftop gardens, barbecue spaces, sunbathing areas or even adding a hot tub promotes a feeling of uniqueness, compared to the other apartments in the building that have the same layout.

Apartment in Istanbul

The Penthouse Lifestyle of Istanbul

One of the most exclusive residences in Istanbul is the Trump Towers, where the price of a penthouse apartment can reach a staggering 6 million USD. Although the president of the USA has nothing to do with this building, he previously licensed his name for use before he took the chair of the white house, so along with the licensing came a standard of life, where everything and anything are at your disposal.

Own a penthouse in the Trump Residence, and you will also have full use of the White Gloves concierge service, who will book your flight or theatre tickets, do your shopping, arrange for your apartment to be cleaned or help you get into venues that are typically closed to the general public. Whatever you want, it is done!

Trump Towers Istanbul

Another penthouse with a hefty price tag is this nine-bedroom, three-floor dwelling accessed by a private lift. With an immaculate view of the Bosphorus and city line, the resale penthouse highlights a discrete side of Istanbul life, away from the average person on the street.

Occupying the top floors of a famous residential building in Istanbul, some may scoff at the 4-million-pound price tag, yet it is worth remembering Istanbul is home to Turkey’s most expensive real estate market, with some waterside mansions even fetching as much as 15 million pounds.

The city is also home to some of the country’s wealthiest people and anyone buying this home is buying into an alternative lifestyle, rarely featured in mainstream magazines about Turkey.

This penthouse apartment is in the heart of the city, close to tourist attractions and historical landmarks, yet many more penthouse apartments are coming on the market in Istanbul, thanks to the current modernisation of its real estate market that sees it expanding into surrounding districts.

Penthouse in Istanbul

The significant benefit of being on the outskirts is that property buyers still have their privacy, fantastic views and luxurious lifestyle, yet it comes at half the price. These four-bedroom penthouses in the district of Buyukcekmece are the perfect example of how the Istanbul real estate portfolio is reinventing itself.

As well as individual layouts and interior design for the penthouse apartments, a wide range of communal facilities including private cinema room, Turkish bath and fitness gym complete the lifestyle of having everything on your doorstep, yet the city centre is just 30 minutes’ drive away.

Istanbul penthouse

Find out more about penthouse living in Istanbul and the rest of Turkey by viewing our penthouse property in Turkey for sale here. Including budget and millionaire penthouses of the country, you do not need to go to New York to tap into this idyllic lifestyle of views, privacy and spacious homes.


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