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Darren and the team in BodrumTo all of you who are considering purchasing a property in Turkey, I would strongly suggest you to contact Mr Darren Edwards and his highly trained and extremely professional team in Bodrum.

Last year, when I decided that I would like to purchase an apartment in Bodrum area, it never came across my mind that the whole process of finding and closing the deal can happen in 5 days, considering the fact that I am not a local, and I was going to Bodrum from Los Angeles!

Property Turkey, was one of the links that came up on my Google search in US to start this process. Their representatives immediately, within few hours contacted me both on the phone and through email and started their search for me.

Once I got to Bodrum, they had already lined up the best properties on their list for me to look at and consider for my purchase. Mr. Darren Edwards himself, as well as the entire team and people that he is involved with are extremely honest and professional. 

What I learned during my own property purchase in Turkey is that unfortunately there are a few unfriendly agents who market themselves on the internet - people taking the picture of one property and copy and paste it completely for a different location with the price tag of a third property. In other words, what they show you does not exist. Once I was in Bodrum, one of these unethical brokers got hold of me and as soon as I showed his email and his offer to Mr. Edwards, he warned me about the reputation of this broker. Mr Edwards, personally took me to the property and he was absolutely right - I am extremely thankful to Darren for his frank and honest advice in what could have been a disaster for me, I hope that you follow suit and trust in the professionals, Property Turkey are the most professional agents I found. 

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Apartment in BodrumProperty Turkey office in Bodrum takes care of you and all your needs from A to Z and you can be assured that you are in safe hands. Their ultimate goal is to have happy returning buyers and not to make a short and easy money off of you.

Again, dear Mr. Darren Edwards and team, thank you for making all of this business transaction so easy and smooth for me and my family.

Always wish you and your team good luck and success in your business! I am very happy in my home in Bodrum

Many thanks, Leyli. 


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Smartly priced seafront Homes Istanbul

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