World-class Hotel and Restaurant brands vie for Bodrum

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The Turkish resort town of Bodrum is working to become a destination for world-famous brands, according to the mayor of the town on Friday.

"Bodrum is taking confident steps towards becoming a destination for world-renowned brands. World-renowned hotel and restaurant chains are vying for entry into the city" At the Mediterranean Tourism Forum in Malta, Ahmet Aras stated.

Mediterranean Tourism Foundation (MTF)

The Forum, organised by the Mediterranean Tourism Foundation (MTF) with the support of the Municipality of Bodrum and the Bodrum Promotion Foundation (BOTAV), aims to increase tourism cooperation among regional countries through discussions on the future of tourism and new trends in the travel sector.

Addressing high-level participants from all over the world, particularly those on the Mediterranean coast, Aras stated that the meeting would benefit both those in attendance and global tourism.

Tourist potential of Bodrum

Regarding Turkey and Bodrum's tourism potential, Aras stated that the country held strong alternative opportunities due to its natural scenery, as well as the historical and human resources accumulated by its inhabitants from the past to the present day.

"We are the most important tourist destination in the Mediterranean as Bodrum. The wealth and potential that we have outnumber those of any other Mediterranean destination. We want to make Bodrum the Mediterranean's leading tourism destination" he stated.

Visitor numbers to Bodrum

Noting that the total number of foreign visitors to the resort town of Bodrum in the first four months of the year 2022 was nearly the same as the total number of visitors in 2019, Aras predicted that: "the number of tourists arriving by sea and air in 2022 will exceed that of 2019."

In 2019, the city of Bodrum welcomed 1.3 million foreign visitors in total, while only 530,000 visited in 2020, during the global coronavirus outbreak. Aras anticipates that Bodrum will draw approximately 1.5 million foreign tourists once this year has ended.


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