Turkey’s tourism sector has great potential for Latin Americans

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Turkey’s Ambassador for Buenos Aires, Sefik Vural Altay, has said that the tourism sector of Turkey has great potential within Latin America. This comes as he was speaking from the largest tourism fair in Latin America, the Latin America International Tourism Fair (FIT).

Held in the capital city of Argentina, the fair had participants from Turkish Airlines (THY) and additional companies from Turkey, which were brought to collaborate with travellers and other representatives from tourism companies of Argentina and others from over 40 different countries.

Diplomatic representatives attended the opening ceremony of the fair along with Argentine Tourism and Sports Minister, Matias Lammens.

The future for Argentina and Turkey

While at the THY booth, Altay spoke saying that they wanted to increase the number of Turkish companies in attendance at the fair in the coming years.

He continued by noting that there were some difficulties for those wanting to travel abroad from Argentina and Latin America. He said: “We believe that these difficulties will be overcome in time. Despite all these difficulties, the number of Argentines going to Turkey as of the first eight months of 2022 is almost 25,000 and this figure is to reach 35,000 by the end of the year.”

Prior to the pandemic the number was around 70,000, the diplomat for Turkey noted.

Economic challenges

Altay continued to explain that the economic problems within Argentina had affected the ability of its citizens to travel abroad. This was also deterred by governmental incentives policies that were implemented for domestic tourism.

Altay explained that there are mutual visa exemptions between Argentina and Turkey, when speaking about the potential. He also expected the number of tourists may increase to Argentina from Turkey.

Expectations for the future

When talking about expectations for after the fair, an expert said it was a good year for the number of tourists visiting Turkey from countries in Latin America. He said: “The South American market is a huge market for Turkey.”

Another person explained that due to the affordable prices and direct flights from Latin America to Turkey, as well as Turkish TV series shown in Latin America, there was an increased demand for tourism, and they are expecting a high number of tourists visiting Turkey from Latin America in 2022.


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