Turkey to develop school-based performance evaluation system

School in Turkey

Turkey recently announced the "12th Development Plan" – which will be a school performance evaluation process. The main aim is to assess where there could be limited progress being made by pupils in schools in Turkey that have displayed diminished levels in terms of development, so that suitable action can be taken.

The new plan

After President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has approved the plan which is set to run from 2024 – 2028, it will be presented to Parliament. The plan is expected to cover an array of subjects such as school development, preschool education, and the technological infrastructure. Within these plans will be the provision of high-quality free education for all and facilities to be put in place so that preschool education will be more widely available to all.

Making things happen

To improve access to quality preschool education, various models would be devised, considering the economic and social development levels of priority regions and families. The achievement levels among children and the inequality in school quality are both intended to be eliminated, while qualified and inclusive educational services will be given in every school.

To do this, the make-up of human resources is expected to improve, and educational activities aimed at enhancing family contributions, which are an important component of the education process, will be expanded.

A school-based performance evaluation system will be created to investigate the causes of low development in schools demonstrating low levels of growth, and appropriate steps will be taken.

An effective monitoring and evaluation system will be built for remedial and supportive training programmes, which will be adjusted to meet the needs of students.

There will also be an e-student file constructed to track each student's academic and social activities, as well as to monitor the learning process at various stages. Student’s referrals to support programmes will be more successful, to include their emotional and social development, and assistance programmes will be implemented at an early age.

Measuring and Evaluating

A measuring and assessment system focused on individual development and long-term learning processes will also be implemented. The measuring and assessment system will be competency-based and structured across all levels of schooling. Information and communication technologies will be employed extensively in measurement and assessment. Legislative infrastructure will be developed for national monitoring studies.

The emphasis will be on making the school system more resilient and adaptable to unusual circumstances. Individualised learning systems will be improved, as will distant education infrastructure. Furthermore, focus will be made on guaranteeing proper technology use in school, improving technology literacy, and minimising technology-related inequities.


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