The end of military clearance: Turkey scraps another hurdle to property ownership

One by one, over the last few years the government has removed hurdles to foreign property ownership, as well as adding incentives. The latest obstacle to be removed is military clearance, which is no longer required in many parts of Turkey, including Mugla, where foreign property ownership is high.

What is military clearance in Turkey?

Previously, all foreigners buying property in Turkey were required to get special permission from the military headquarters in Izmir. The title would be checked against the location: how close it is to any military zones, strategic facilities or military properties. If a property fell into one of those categories, the owner would require a permit that would allow them to buy the property.

Over the years, the rules around military clearance in Turkey have relaxed. First, buyers no longer needed to apply if the property had already been cleared for a previous owner.

Relaxing of military clearance in Turkey

New laws relaxing the rules even further is great news for property buyers, who can now invest in Turkey and buy property with the same ease as a Turkish citizen. No checks, no waiting.

Property Turkey director Cameron Deggin said as well as speeding up bureaucratic processes, the new laws allow for new opportunities for buyers, including the ability to participate in auctions and buy repossessed properties. 

"Before now, foreign buyers have found it hard to participate in repossessions and quick sale scenarios because they could not just register title and would have to wait for weeks for military clearance. Now, they will be able to buy within a day or two."

Speeding up the property process also means that citizenship applications will be faster, too. 

"Effectively, foreign buyers now have no waiting, no restrictions they can buy and sell exactly the same as Turks."

While military clearance is still required in some areas, the fact that Mugla properties no longer requires the check is positive for foreign buyers, Deggin said.

"Mugla includes Bodrum and Fethiye, which have long been targeted by foreign buyers for lifestyle and retirement properties."

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