Rule change could make 2020 the year of bargain property in Turkey

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Up until now, it's been fairly easy to get Turkish residency: pitch up with a tourist visa, flash your rental property contract, et voila: two guaranteed years in Turkey.

That's about to change. As of 1 January 2020, the Turkish government is putting a stop to residency for tourists visiting Turkey. However, property buyers are still eligible for residency with any property purchase. And those who spend more than $250,000 on a Turkish home are eligible for citizenship.

Property Turkey director Cameron Deggin said the law change was due to a government crackdown.

"Previously, people could get up to two-year residency in Turkey by showing a rental contract," he said. "So what happened was, people would fake rental contracts to get that two year residency. The government is cracking down on that, which unfortunately means unless you have a valid reason other than tourism for staying in Turkey, you're not going to get residency."

Deggin believed the law change could precipitate a flood of interest in Turkish bargain property

"This will have implications, because a lot of people want residency. This move will push people into buying cheap property."

Although the prices of property in Turkey have increased - long gone are the days of the US$40,000 apartment, Deggin said - there are still plenty of reasonably priced properties available for anyone who would like to secure a longer stay in Turkey.

"You can find some excellent options from about $70,000," Deggin said. "Bargain doesn't have to be a compromise in Turkey."

He suggests looking in Antalya, Fethiye and Bodrum. "For anyone looking for residency, these are solid options because of their proximity to local facilities and transport links."

You can still stay in Turkey up to 30 days with a tourist visa. Some passport holders, like the British for example, can stay a bit longer, up to 90 days in an annual period. There's also the option of changing your status to a different permit category, like studying or receiving medical treatment.

For more information visit goc.gov.tr/ikamet-duyurusu

To find out more about making Turkey a permanent home, learn more about Turkish citizenship by investment.


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