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The French car giant Renault recently announced the establishment of RGO (Renault Group Automotive inc.) which is part of a breakthrough strategy that they are deploying in Turkey. The move has been made so that Renault can strengthen both their investments and presence in Turkey.


The medium term “Renaulution” plan was announced by the automaker at a global press conference with the main goal being to make Renault Group the main flag carrier of the new ecosystem by creating their business models using energy, technology, and mobility in the next period of their growth.

Stronger and more distinctive

This shift involves a huge change in the car giant and their underlying theories and methodology. According to the company statement, their objective “is to position the group fully within the times and to make it a forerunner of new mobility by 2025 and beyond.”

Luca de Meo, CEO of Groupe Renault announced in January that: “The Renaulution is about moving the whole company from volume to value. We will feed our brands’ strength, each with its own clear, differentiated territories. We’ll move from a car company working with tech to a tech company working with cars.”


Through the restructuring, the solid partnership enjoyed by Renault and the Turkish Oyak Group will get stronger whilst achieving strong sales, production, and worldwide marketing at the Oyak-Renault factory, which is located in the north-western Bursa province of Turkey. As well as this, the company will contribute successfully to the expansion of the electric vehicle’s ecosystem in Turkey.

Background Information

As of Dec 1, 2021, a member of the Renault Group Corporate Governance Committee, Hakan Dogu was appointed as the CEO of this brand new part of the company.

The Renault Group has been in partnership with Oyak and operating in Turkey since 1968. They export 80% of the production with the Oyak-Renault factory in Bursa ranking third in the list of top companies exporting goods from Turkey. The exports contribute 3 billion Euros (3.4 billion USD) to Turkey’s total exports. Since 2000, the Renault Group have ploughed 2 billion Euros into this investment.


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