Plane spotters given official space at Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport

Turkey’s Istanbul Airport has become the first airport in Turkey to formally reserve a place at the airport exclusively for plane spotters. Enthusiasts of planes have flocked on Friday to the space, which overlooks the runways of the airport, for its inauguration.

Plane spotters overjoyed at new space

“The IGA heard our voice. We are grateful,” a high school student said after taking up the hobby two years ago. The student also said that that he had joined in with petitions online for plane spotters to have an area at the largest airport in the city, saying: “This is the perfect venue for spotting.”

The son of a former aviation company executive, said that he had travelled from Alanya to Istanbul just for plane spotting at the new area, saying: “It is good to have this view of the airport.”

Another plane spotter explained that he used to take photos secretly at the other airports in the city, but it was good to finally have a legal place to enjoy the hobby, at last. He explained: “I hope other airports will give us such spaces.”

Spotting space at the airport

The spotting space is located at a specific point overlooking the main runway, and with a clear view of the runway and air traffic control tower. Plane spotters are required by the airport to register before they visit the venue, and this can be done through the airport’s website.

Applicants for the plane spotting space are given specific entry cards; they are also required to give their HES (“Hayat Eve Sigar” – Life Fits Into Home) code in order to prevent against the coronavirus pandemic as much as they can.

When can you visit?

The venue will be opened on Saturdays only, between the hours of 8am and 5:30pm, for now. Plane spotters will also be given a free shuttle ride to the venue within the airport.


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