New vibrant space in Istanbul for international talent startups


Young entrepreneurs and technology aficionados are flocking to Istanbul as it emerges as a vibrant space for them to showcase their talents in high-tech and new innovations.

The launch of the International Incubation Center

The Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF), with full support from the Investment Office within the Presidency of Turkey, announced that it was officially launching its International Incubation Center. The headquarters for this new Center will be headquartered from the Turkish metropolitan area of Istanbul.

Speakers from the event raved about the Center

An expert explained that the incubation center: “provides office space, event or summit management support, creates opportunities for regeneration and investors.”

The launch event was attended by a plethora of other young enthusiasts of technology from across the world.

Another expert said that: “due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a lot of human labor shortage. We launched a startup in 2020 to integrate robots with human labor to allow warehouses alternative solutions.”

Why Istanbul?

Founders said: "It is a good hub for suppliers and producers. Our target customer base is the Gulf region besides local Turkish markets."

The vice president of the Investment Office said that the “digitalisation has increased the importance of tech startups” and continued to tell the entrepreneurs who attended the event to launch the center that Turkey offers access to the global markets.

He explained that: "with its unique geopolitical location, manufacturing and logistics infrastructure in place, Turkey is at the center of global markets.”

Collaboration among entrepreneurs and businesses was stressed by the majority of other speakers at the event, explaining that these should be considered alongside viable investments.


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