Mount Nemrut welcomes over 500,000 tourists

Nemrut Turkey

Mount Nemrut stands between the East and West crossroads in southeastern Turkey and is one of the most spectacular tourist attractions in the country, welcoming over 500,000 international and local tourists in the last few years. Mount Nemrut is a mountain that stands 7,001 feet high in Kahta in Adiyaman province, and thanks to its rich heritage, it is a UNESCO World Heritage site in Turkey.

Eighth Wonder of the World

Mount Nemrut is also referred to as the Eighth Wonder of the World in some lists, and is known mostly for its summit where there are a variety of large statues of Greek and Persian gods. The gods are assumed to be a royal tomb that dates to the first century B.C, a must see for anyone travelling through Turkey.

Amazing views from the mountain

The provincial head of the Culture and Tourism Ministry, Mustafa Ekinci, said that Mount Nemrut is the apple in the countries eye and one of his favourite personal destinations to visit.

He went on to say that: “In 2019, we reached the highest number of visitors in the last 30 years. We could not respond to the demands from April to October due to the insufficient accommodation and bed capacity.”

Mustafa went on to say that: “We hope that people, who haven’t been out during the pandemic, will take a tour in the second half of this year.” Experts are hoping to welcome more visitors during the summer months of 2021.

In the past four years Mount Nemrut has been visited by 50,000 tourists in 2016, 100,000 tourists in 2017, 130,000 tourists in 2018 and 200,000 tourists in 2019 as the mountain increased in popularity amongst travellers in Turkey. In 2020, there were approximately 50,000 tourists in total, however this was disadvantaged due to the restrictions that had to be put in place to curb the spread of COVID-19 through the country. 2021 is already looking like being a good year on the mountain according to industry experts.


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