Julianne Moore set to be the face of Turkey

The Culture and Tourism Ministry has pulled out all of the stops to promote Turkey worldwide.

Julianne MooreNew Face of Turkey
Plans are currently underway for the new official promotional film which is being shot in Los Angeles and set to star the highly acclaimed actress Julianne Moore. Julianne Moore amassed considerable recognition in the late 90s and early 2000s with a multitude of Oscar nominations. Julianne has continued to work regularly since, with one of her most accredited accolades coming from the television programme the Game Change in 2012 where she played the character of Sarah Palin and won several Best Actress awards.  

As well as being a successful actress Julianne has also penned a series of successful children’s book. Julianne is set to travel to Turkey during the coming months to take part in further promotional filming.

The Photographers
In conjunction with the promotional film the ministry have announced recently that they are to launch a “Home of” project. This will see the ministry working alongside four world famous photographers and four Turkish photographers. 

Steve McCurryThe first, Steve McCurry an American documentary photographer who is probably best known for the National Geographic cover he shot entitled “Afghan Girl.” The second photographer Mark Edward Harris is the leading name in advertising photography. Thirdly photojournalist Hazel Thompson and finally Robert M Knight who is most famous for his rock star photography, Robert has photographed stars such as Jeff Beck and Carlos Santana. All four of the photographers will be taking photos in various regions of Turkey and these will then be used abroad this year.

Steve McCurry has notched up in excess of forty international awards and has been taking photos in both Pamukkale and Istanbul. Mark Edward Harris has been in various locations including Denizli, Edirne, Erzurum, Sanliurfa – Harran, Van, and Mardin to name just a few. Hazel Thompson has also covered numerous locations such as Manavgat, Side, Alanya Castle amongst many other places and Robert M Knight has spent his time in a multitude of locations including Canakkale, Izmir and Cappadocia and so on.

The strength of Turkey lies within its heritage and culture and it continues to gain momentum with regards to tourist figures. There are a number of international tourists that visit the country every year. 

Foreign tourists have increased substantially with the visitors increasing by 8.4 million in the three years 2002 – 2005. In 2005 the tourist revenue topped 17.5 billion US dollars pushing Turkey into the top ten revenue earners in the world. Turkey also ranked 6th in the world as the most popular destination and 4th in Europe as reported by the UNWTO – World Tourist Barometer.

Tourist facts and figures
According to statistics for the year 2012 the most visitors to Turkey came from Germany and made up 5 million, 3.5 million tourists came from Russia, 2.4 million from the United Kingdom, 1.5 million Bulgarians, 1.4 million from Georgia, 1.2 million from the Netherlands, 1.1 million from Iran, 1 million from France, 0.8 million Americans and 0.7 million from Syria amounting to over 17 million visitors.

Julianne isn't the only famous figure to come to Turkey recentlyThe numbers of tourists are set to increase and with the immense publicity plan there is no limits to the number of visitors that Turkey will record for 2014.
Effects of Tourism on Turkey

Tourism in Turkey continues to offer many investment opportunities both in established and newly developing sectors of industry. Turkey is currently the 6th most popular tourist destination whose tourist growth continues unhindered by the effects of the recent global economic crisis. The growing tourist numbers are enriched by Turkeys’ vast attractions, stunning beaches and coastlines.

Turkey’s strong socio – economic growth is being backed fully by the Ministry of Tourism in utilising the total potential of diverse opportunities in this industry. The Turkish government have policies in place that offer reduced utility prices and tax rates which has served to see growth in large convention centres this has been particularly noticeable in Istanbul.

The bureaucratic procedures that have been overcome that now allow foreign patients to receive treatment in Turkish hospitals have contributed to the steady growth of the healthcare sector.

Tourism in TurkeyThe Turkish tourist industry is constantly grown above the global average year on year and the direct contribution to the GDP reached 30 billion in 2012. By 2023 it is expected to see 60 million tourists and revenues in the region of 80 billion US dollars.

Turkey is also an emerging destination with golf tourism in Belek, with there being 15 licensed facilities currently open and plans for further expansion underway.

It is easy to see why now such a good time to invest in this exceptional country. There are many areas that are being redeveloped and there are some outstanding opportunities in popular tourist areas that will make ideal rental prospects. The climate in Turkey is another huge positive factor that lures people and once they have been to Turkey there is no doubt that they will soon return. 


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