Istanbul Modern offering virtual exhibitions in light of COVID-19

Istanbul Modern

Due to COVID-19 Coronavirus in Turkey, the Istanbul Modern Museum has been forced to temporarily close in an effort to help contain the pandemic. Due to this, the Istanbul Modern museum is welcoming art enthusiasts to visit their website and digital platforms where their exhibitions and collections can be viewed virtually.

What can you expect to see?

On visiting the museum website, you can take a 3D tour of the latest collection, “Artists in Their Time,” in Karakoy. There are opportunities for virtual visitors to explore 193 works by 109 different artists, as well as reading the text provided by the museum about the exhibition. The exhibition is hoping to get visitors thinking about the artist’s time and how this can be connected to the time of society, nature, culture and the universe.

The museums website also gives visitors digital access to the archived exhibition, “One Hundred Years of Love” which was created as a celebration of the 100th anniversary of Turkish cinema. This archive provides written and visual content about the archived research exhibition which was the first ever held in Turkey.

Istanbul Modern’s website

On the Istanbul Modern’s website, you can view a selection of the museum’s collections. In this area art lovers can interact with explanatory texts and visuals based on the works that are shown on the virtual platform. As well as showing things through the website, the museum is also sharing their collections, education and exhibition content through their social media sites too.

Visitors can also see how the exhibition “Guests: Artists and Craftspeople” was put together and became the production piece that it is. There is also a video that shows how ten international artists in Istanbul were able to research and produce their art. The video documents everything including their research and production trips giving the viewer an insight from start to finish to see how art is created.

The Istanbul Modern Store

The store inside the Istanbul Modern museum is where art and design come to meet, is also open for art lovers in the virtual world to access. The store offers a wide array of products that include children’s books, design products, gifts and catalogues that explain in depth the various exhibitions. So, once you have been inspired and enjoyed your visual tour at the Istanbul Modern, remember to visit the store and buy some special souvenirs that will delight your friends and family.


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