Internet speeds In Turkey increase by 65%

Internet in Turkey

The days of infuriatingly slow internet are over, with the news that Turkey’s internet speed has increased by 65% in the last year. This is great news for businesses, digital nomads in Turkey, expats and other individuals who rely on a fast internet connection to conduct their work or daily activities. The increase in speed is due, in part, to the government’s efforts to improve the country’s infrastructure.

Turkey's Internet Speed in 2021

Internet analysis site Speedtest reveals that Turkey's fixed broadband internet speed ranked 105th among 175 countries in 2021, with an average download speed of just 26.87 Mbps and an average upload speed of just 5.55 Mbps.  

Turkcell boasts the nation's fastest mobile speeds, according to the latest Speedtest Intelligence results. Turkcell achieved a Speed Score of 71.49 Mbps on modern handsets, outpacing all other providers in the analysis.

Fixed broadband in Turkey has seen a remarkable increase in recent times, with speeds reaching up to 44.77 Mbps, as reported by transport and infrastructure minister Adil Karaismailoglu. This progress is indicative of the country's dedication to ensuring that its citizens, residents and visitors have access to the best possible telecommunications infrastructure.

Karaismailoglu emphasised that Turkey's fibre infrastructure length has increased to 455,000 kilometres and that the internet speed will rise to a point much higher than the world average with increasing investments.

He noted that increased fibre investments in recent years and end-user demand for high-speed internet access have been critical drivers of the development of both fixed and mobile broadband speeds in Turkey.

And he confirmed that the number of broadband subscriptions in the country had increased by 8.2% year on year.

The fastest cities for internet in Turkey:

1. Istanbul - 51.04 Mbps

2. Ankara - 48.69 Mbps

3. Bursa - 48.65 Mbps

4. Izmir - 48.47 Mbps

5. Adana - 41.49 Mbps

Turkey's transport and infrastructure minister is planning to significantly increase these speeds in 2022 and beyond which will surely have a positive economic impact on businesses, infrastructure and individuals.


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