FedEx Europe to set up Cargo facility at Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport

In November 2024, FedEx Europe, a renowned multinational courier delivery services company, will be opening a brand-new transit hub at Istanbul Airport. This decision was made after a thorough evaluation of several factors, such as the airport's state-of-the-art infrastructure, advanced connectivity, cutting-edge technological advancements, and strategic location between Europe and Asia.

Rapid evolution has led to this historic moment

Istanbul Airport has been rapidly evolving into a critical cargo hub, facilitating businesses across six continents. It is currently the second busiest international passenger hub worldwide and one of Europe's top five cargo airports.

Transit hub to be equipped with spots for planes, vans, and trucks

Currently, FedEx Europe provides support to its customers on vital intercontinental trading routes through a shared third-party facility at Istanbul Airport. However, the new transit hub will be equipped with three parking spots for FedEx planes, 32 van spaces, and seven truck doors.

The facility has been designed with cutting-edge sorting technology capable of processing up to 3,000 pieces per hour, which is poised to revolutionise the industry. In addition, the facility is designed to cater to separate parcel and freight processing, making it highly advantageous for businesses looking to consolidate both types of shipments within a single network, thereby simplifying and streamlining their operations.

According to an official statement released, this unique feature of the FedEx Europe value proposition is expected to provide immense benefits to its customers, making it an unprecedented opportunity in the industry.

FedEx offers an insight into their exciting new expansion

Eser Sezek, vice president of operations for Southeast Europe, Israel and Turkey for FedEx Express, spoke to say: “We’re excited about our expansion at Istanbul Airport, which gives FedEx an even stronger foothold at this strategic location and unlocks growth opportunities for customers engaged in intercontinental trade.”

The CEO of Istanbul Airport spoke on the decision

The decision by FedEx reflects the position of Istanbul’s Airport as a “strategic super hub”, confirmed Kadri Samsunlu, the CEO of Istanbul Airport, before further saying the super hub is not only for passengers but also for the logistics and cargo sector.

He further went on to say that: “We are confident that this new facility will further cement IGA Istanbul Airport’s vision and mission and commitment to being a global hub and gateway to the world.”


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