China tags Turkey as safe for tourism and travel


It has been reported that Beijing has lifted the ban on outbound group tours to a number of destinations, which includes Turkey, the United States, and Japan. This could potentially lead to a significant increase in the number of Chinese tourists who will be travelling to various countries across the globe.

COVID-19 policy for China aimed to prevent importing the virus

It is worth noting that in 2020, China implemented a zero COVID-19 policy, which was aimed at preventing the importation of virus cases into the country. This involved a series of strict measures such as visa suspensions and lengthy quarantines.

However, in recent months, the Chinese government has taken steps towards reopening, and in December of last year, it made the decision to suddenly drop its containment measures. This move has been widely welcomed by many people across the globe.

Ministry of Culture and Tourism for China has spoken out

"From now on, travel agencies across the country and online travel companies will resume operating outbound group tours" to more than 70 countries, including Turkiye, the United States, United Kingdom, Japan and South Korea, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for China confirmed in a statement made.

Currently, there are several countries now allowing travel, including a majority of European Union member states, India, Pakistan, and even Australia. It is important to note that Australia's addition to the list comes after a tumultuous period between Canberra and Beijing. However, there has been some progress in thawing the relationship as of late.

Travel restrictions noted decline in Chinese tourists

According to data for 2019, mainland Chinese residents took a staggering 155 million trips abroad, making China the world leader in outbound tourism.

However, in recent years, Chinese authorities have imposed restrictions on travel, including limiting passport renewals and reducing international flights. These measures have had a significant impact on outbound tourism from China, resulting in a noticeable decline in the number of Chinese tourists traveling overseas.

"Currently, international passenger flights continue to resume, and the desire of Chinese people to travel abroad is increasing," the foreign ministry continued to say during the statement.

Inbound tourists still low

In March, China resumed the issuance of visas to foreigners. Nevertheless, inbound tourism is still significantly below pre-pandemic levels, indicating that the pandemic's impact on the travel industry continues to linger. Despite these challenges, the Chinese government has taken several measures to mitigate the spread of the virus, including the implementation of strict health and safety protocols.


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