83 million USD complex to be built in Bodrum

Bodrum in Turkey

Bodrum, known as the Turkish Riviera, is set to become the home of a massive new sports and entertainment complex. It will be built, aided by Russian Technology, the head of the Russian-Turkish Business Council explained in a statement.

The time frame and investment of the complex

The Bodrum Arena project is set to start in approximately five months and will be implemented using more than 83 million USD (70 million euros) worth of investments, said Akhmet Palankoev.

As well as ice hockey rinks and skating areas that the complex will have, it will also have the ability to host concerts, open-air shows, and events, Palankoev continued to say. It will employ a total of around 300 staff members as well.

Sports tourism in Bodrum

Palankoev noted that the project will contribute towards sports tourism within Turkey as well, and that the complex was due to be completed within 15 months, saying: “We also want to open a school where young people interested in ice hockey, ice skating and other ice sports can receive an education.”

A great deal of interest has been shown by foreign tourists in the active health care sector of Bodrum and its cultural attractions, including but not limited to the exhibitions and congresses, as well as sports complexes, like this new addition, and yachting.

Travel restrictions going forward

When questioned about travel restrictions, Palankoev explained that the tourism sector had made suitable preparations and are ready. He continued to stress that Turkey was doing it’s upmost with the scope of COVID-19 measures and added: “I have visited Turkey at least ten times since August. I have been in different regions, and I have seen how serious the Turks are about the pandemic.” He added that the economic situation between Turkey and Russia is not competitive and there is a need for one another.

Russia resumed flights to Turkey, a very popular destination for Russian tourists, from June 22, thanks to further improvements in the anti-COVID-19 regulations and measures the country had put in place. Moscow had originally suspended almost all air travel to Turkey in April.

Turkey and Russian relations

Economic and trade relations are the driving force of the relations between Turkey and Russia. Russia has, for a long time, been one of the most important trade partners for Turkey, and energy has been one of the most important elements of these bilateral ties.


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