4 months Hazelnuts exports provides 732.8 Million USD


Hazelnut exports between September and December 2020 by Turkey earned a grand total of 732.8 million USD (TL5.4 billion), according to data provided by a regional trade group. The Black Sea Hazelnut and Products Exporters’ Association provided data which shows that the 4-year figure fell by over 32% from the same time last year due to the coronavirus pandemic sweeping through the world.

Hazelnut exports by Turkey

The Hazelnut season in Turkey begins in September and data showed that in the first four months of this season (September 2020 – August 2021) hazelnut exports have reached 106,706 tons, which is a decrease of 36.4% year on year when compared with the same period in a coronavirus-free year.

In September to December 2020, a total of 70% of hazelnut exports by Turkey were made to countries in the European Union, with 75,000 tons of experts providing an income of over 515 million USD in total. The remaining 30% of hazelnut exports were made to regional and neighbouring countries.

The world’s largest Hazelnut exports

Despite the decline, the fact remains that the largest hazelnut exporter in the world is Turkey, and they exported a total of 280,924 tons of hazelnuts, bringing them a total revenue of almost 2 billion USD in income.

Data before coronavirus hit the world showed that In September 2019 – August 2020, Turkey made a historic record when it came to exports with over 343,000 tons of hazelnuts exported, which was an increase up by 27.5% year on year when compared to 2018 and represented a monetary worth of 2.3 billion USD. Industry experts remain extremely optimistic that new records in experts will be made once the world has recovered from the pandemic.


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