Top 7 boutique hotels in Bodrum Turkey

Turkey’s Bodrum peninsula is an excellent place to find some of the best boutique hotels in Turkey. It offers a quaint, almost rustic yet chic environment. It is no wonder that most Turkish elite choose to buy second homes there. Bodrum is a peninsula located in the south west of Turkey. The peninsula has marinas on its ever-blue water and is a sailor’s paradise. Many beautiful boutique hotels here have diverse offerings. This article lists the top seven hotels and their locations offerings. I hope this will inspire you to travel here and consider the potential of repeat holiday stays.

Before you travel to one of Bodrum’s top 7-luxury boutique hotels, you should know a little about Bodrum itself. Bodrum is the name for the city and for the peninsula. At times, the sea is so still that the sky and sea mirror each other, creating an extraordinary “infinity” effect. The area has held on to its quint and rustic fishing village past, but has also has incorporated a new era of stylish trend setting, combining for a “shabby chic” feel, similar to the French Riviera. Bodrum offers an array of alluring nightclubs and the yacht-lined marinas have brought many international tourists to this area.  Bodrum enjoys incredible weather, taking advantage of Turkey’s unique “micro climates” at any time of the year.

The Amanruya

The Amanruya
The Amanruya is a tranquil boutique luxury hotel, which is befitting its name taken from the Sanskrit word “aman,” for peace and the Turkish word “ruya,” meaning dream. This breathtaking hotel uses amazing views to create many peaceful dreams. It is set on a beautiful serene hillside that overlooks the amazing panoramic views of the crystal blue water and lush green landscape below. 

The hotel’s architecture draws from traditional building methods and surrounding ancestral architecture from its region. The architecture is reminiscent of the Ottoman Empire and Mediterranean influence, but also holds true to the natural untouched beauty of its surroundings. The building’s contemporary feel comes from the locally acquired stone constructed walls, the Turkish marble floors, and the whimsical furniture made from dark acajou wood. There are clean lines and beautiful hand carved stone details within the hotel, making this a structural work of art itself. The corridors and vast open walkways have many areas romantically cast in dim light and shadow.

The ability to shop for local produce and fresh seafood from the region allows Amanruya to offer an extensive menu that represents many cuisines, including Turkish, Western, Indonesian and Thai cuisines. Their meze platters and home baked breads are an excellent choice for a picnic where you can grab a bottle of local wine and enjoy the local outdoors. Many indoor and outdoor pavilions and lounges are scattered throughout the property. 

This paradise hotel offers everything a weary traveller needs. There are amazing art galleries, which highlights artist and sculptor’s artwork. Let your stress and worries melt away at one of the hotel’s conveniently located spa treatment rooms by the main pool area. 

Casa Del’ Arte

Casa Del’ Arte
Casa Del’ Arte is a relaxing and beautiful Bodrum boutique hotel, set between Bodrum and the village of Torba. This hotel incorporates past, present and future ideas in their design. The use of local stone for their walls and sleek contemporary design demonstrate this property’s desire to connect past and present.

Original art is found throughout the property.  Each room has its own personality, with unique colours and furnishings. 

Everything at this hotel seems to work in a harmonious balance. There are different styles of suites to choose from that all depend on the occasion or experience you desire. Fantasia suites are perfect for newlyweds that are not planning to leave the comfort of their room much and spacious family suites are designed to fulfil each traveller’s desires. In addition, 12 special zodiac themed rooms are each be-decked with amazing amenities and decor befitting of their individual celestial significance.

You can dine at any of the exquisite cafe, bistros, or restaurants scattered along the streets of nearby Torba. Come for a visit but do not be surprised if you want to stay. If you do find yourself wanting to explore the possibility of owning your own vacation getaway this hotel offers Villa properties for sale that give you the all the luxuries and convenience of the hotel, but with your own private abode that features, fully furnished living areas, Wi-Fi, amazing panoramic views, private pool and deck.

The Macakizi of Bodrum

The Macakizi of Bodrum
The Macakizi of Bodrum is sure to entice any lover of natural beauty and romantic getaways. Macakizi is located in the town of Turkbuku. Instead of broad sandy beaches the town has a crescent boardwalk that is lined with little cafe’s, shops, and restaurants. The boardwalk is a perfect place to take a stroll and get lost down. Mountains are in the backdrop of the harbour, which has become a popular yacht destination and is regularly scattered with yachts and sailboats. If you find yourself out at dusk look over to the mountains and watch as the moon illuminates from behind them as it rises into the star dusted sky.  Olive trees and tangerine groves surround the property.

Macakizi offers an amazing deck overlooking the pool like water, where you can sunbathe while you relax to the sound of the water lapping beneath, or take a dip in the tepid crystal blue water. All the rooms have panoramic and opulent villas and luxury hotels fill this area. The Macakizi resides on a hillside overlooking the sea. The lavish design and open space architecture give the feeling of staying at an exquisite palace, but with the aim focused towards simple interior design. The neutral colour scheme leaves a clean palate that does not take from the real beauty, which is of the varied vivid colours of the surrounding natural setting. 

Most visitors choose to eat light during the day, grabbing a Panini or chilled salad to eat while swimming or sunbathing. At night, though, you have an array of eateries to that you can choose from, local small cafes, to upscale restaurants. If you like to celebrate at night try the Macakizi’s nightclub, where it’s a party every night. Prepare for  loud electric music, energetic people, fantastic drinks, and the chance to celebrities that frequent this area. This hotel is a definitely the place to see and be seen. 

Sandima 37 

Sandima 37
The boutique hotel, Sandima 37, is nestled in the historically significant town of Yalikavak, Bodrum. The area’s harbour fills with yachts and fishing boats, and is dotted with sea front restaurants that attract locals and visitors alike. 

There are historical landmarks dotting the local landscape. The consensus is that the ancient city of Yalikavak resided atop of one of the many hills that border this area. There remain tombstones and city walls that tell of the city’s past life. Carian cave tomb is an enchanting sight to see. The tomb was carved directly into the surrounding rock face and once held a memorial in the shape of a ship’s bow.  Historic Cisterns on the main road are still visible and used today. Some of the cisterns and old olive oil presses have been re-purposed within quaint shops and art galleries. 

This town is very well known and popular for its beaches and strong winds, attracting wind surfers from around the world. This city has a very low traffic city centre, which makes shopping the shops that lines these streets a relaxing experience. 

Sandima 37 offers six uniquely decorated suites each as diverse and different as the scenery around this gorgeous hotel. Sandima 37 also offers a traditional stone cottage for those looking for a little more privacy. This romantic warm cottage is definitely a rare and unique space to appreciate. As you settle into your room, you will feel as though the room and town have been created especially for you and your desires. The paradise outside and comfort inside is based on the owner’s local roots. The Soysal family has gone to great lengths to provide comfort and luxury. The elegance of this hotel is supported by attention to detail and excellent service, which reflects the family’s passion for life. Coming here is like coming home to family. 

The hotel’s pool is framed by lemon and orange groves. If you are hungry, grab your food to go, because the best way to eat here is outdoors, where you can fully appreciate the scenery.  International visitors end up buying villas and penthouses here, because of the attractive sea views and panoramic scenery.

Four Reasons Hotel in Yalikavak

Four Reasons Hotel in Yalikavak
There are probably more than four reasons to stay at the Four Reasons Hotel in Yalikavak, but the name is based on four pillars of the property- hip and stylish, comfortable luxury, tranquillity and romance. This amazing boutique hotel holds its own as a fierce competitor in the hotel world. The hotel is consistently rated as one of the best boutique hotels in all of Turkey. The knowledgeable and warm staff will make you feel very welcome during your stay. Once you experience the hospitality of this hotel and the surrounding town’s locals, you may never want to leave. 

This hotel has 20 well-maintained and diversely decorated rooms, all structured towards setting a tranquil space for you to relax. They offer four styles; passionate: for the lovers and romantics that want a peaceful hideout. The junior suite: for those wanting a blissful experience and open space. The casual: for the weary traveller needing a break from mainstream offerings and functional: for families that need that flexible functionality of and the amazing catering of well-groomed staff. 

What this hotel lacks in size it makes up with in service, personality, design, and charm. Amenities are for your convenience to make your stay more relaxing. Everything you need will be right at your fingertips including iPod docks, bathrobes, flat screen TV’s, mini bar, and safe boxes are just a few offered. Before you adventure to the hotel’s bistro, visit the Terrace Bar and enjoy one of the inventive cocktails served here, while you look out at the sunset. 

4Reason’s bistro keeps it interesting yet casual by serving some of the best Turkish and Mediterranean dishes that are accented with the best of the east and west. While you savour your innovative meal, you can absorb the alluring views of the sea below the stony hillside. If you are looking to explore while you stay, every Thursday you can enjoy the Yalikavak market, which brings local farmer’s and artist’s goods for purchase together in town. This area is also a small boat ride away from several secluded Greek islands. Spend a night here and you may start thinking about relocating. 

Ada Hotel

Ada hotel in Turkbuku
Ada hotel in Turkbuku (now used as a private residence) brings the rustic beauty of the local traditions and incorporates in balance the new world trends. The aim of the hotel is to provide a unique environment that is upscale but always focusing on the inviting warm “home” atmosphere. The rooms are just stunning. Carved stone decor is everywhere you look and neutral calm colours are all a feast for the eyes. Even with all the elegance, you can feel the special attention given to preserve the warm comforting feeling of being at home. Let yourself drift to sleep on the plush beds and soft bedding, then rise to catch the warm sun’s rays on your private deck.  

If you are looking for the epitome of pure relaxation the Ada hotel offers it up in the form of the Hammam. This amazing tranquil spa definitely emulates its name as a royal Turkish bath. The large open spaces and aged marble walls covered in old Arabic script make this place almost religious. Low seductive light radiates through openings and extravagant chandeliers holding candles.  Get a massage and relax here, enjoy the pampering and let all your cares just slip away. If you are a bit shy do not worry you get to use this facility for a whole hour by yourself! 

Stroll around the property and marvel at the wonderful architecture. The whole place blends in with its natural surroundings as if it has always been here as part of the scenery. The design and architecture transcend time and bring an enchanted feeling of a hidden sanctuary. Everywhere you go within the grounds is romantically lit with dim lights or well-placed candles, suggesting a seductive fairy-tale ambiance. Get lost in the whimsical garden that gives the impression of being hidden away from society for centuries with all the vines weaving their way up cracked stone walls, and the over growth of lush greenery and vividly coloured flowers growing along the path. 

The shops and cafes are definitely worth trekking to visit. The only hospitality that tops that of your hotel staff is the locals here. Their warm hospitality will leave you pleasantly surprised and take you back in time to a slower respectful way of living. Chat or sip coffee or tea and enjoy the merriment of locals chatting as they stroll by. Stroll down the boardwalk, listen to underlying rhythmic music always carried in the air, and marvel at the yachts and fishing boats aligned in the harbour swaying gently with the rhythm of the water. 

The Shamana Hotel and Spa

The Shamana Hotel and Spa
The Shamana Hotel and Spa resides on the shores of the famous Torba Bay. You will see every kind of blue imaginable. The water and sky seem to become one in the distance. There is so much beauty to behold here. There is a varied selection of rooms you can choose from that are all uniquely styled for rest and relaxation. White walls and minimal well-placed contemporary decor is what you will see in all these rooms, giving them a Mediterranean beachcomber essence. The oversized floor plans boast an amazing amount of space.  Just as most Turkish properties do, they rely on the open space and natural scenery to compliment the stylish minimalist approach. The white walls contrast beautifully against the colours the sky displays all through the day, of lovely blues, pinks, purples, oranges, and finally to the dusky blue of night. The glittering stars add that much more romance to the night sky and are a perfect backdrop to any romantic or relaxing evening. 

Spend the day sunbathing at the hotel’s private beach club. Find a private pavilion, bring a book, and order some kind of fruity umbrella drink. When night falls, join other patrons on the lounge terrace where you can enjoy drinks surrounded by the enchanting beauty of the relaxing sea and olive trees that surround the property. 

Enjoy dinner at one of the fine restaurants Shamana boast, sample some of the traditional Mediterranean fare or be adventurous and sample some of the inventive entrees infused with unique flavours. After dinner wander down to the Shamana’s Shisha bar and sample some of the finest tobaccos prepared just for you. 

As if everything already mentioned isn’t amazing enough, this hotel offers its own private spa. This spa takes lessons from the past and offers the best embodiment of holistic natural therapy blending time honoured therapeutic traditional Ottoman Hamam and Indonesian massage techniques.  You can request these treatments be performed at the spa, in the privacy of your room, or down on the beach in your private pavilion. The spa also creates its own unique treatments using natural spices, fruits, and minerals that are locally acquired, which makes this an experience unmatched anywhere in the world. 

Definitely try to plan and ask about what kind of activities the hotel offers around the time of your stay. You can travel to some of the epic mythological and historical sites such as, Mary’s grave, or the famous Ephesus, or participate in the many water sports that attract many to this area. If you are a wine connoisseur, reserve your place on one of the many tours to the local vineyards and olive groves. This is a very sought after area not only by travellers, but also of homebuyers who appreciate low prices and top quality surroundings.

No matter which one of these amazing boutique hotels in Bodrum you select, you will definitely be pleasantly surprised. Be forewarned by the end of your stay you may not want to leave this little patch of heaven on earth. If that is the case and renting a room here will just not fulfil your need, then try checking out the local real estate here. The prices are low and the quality is high. Have fun in the sun and make memories that are unforgettable in Bodrum.


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