Top 7 boutique hotels in Bodrum Turkey

Turkey's Bodrum peninsula is an excellent place to find beautiful boutique hotels. Bodrum offers rustic yet chic environments, and much Turkish elite buys second homes there. In addition, the Bodrum peninsula in Turkey's southwest provides the world's best marinas and is a sailor's paradise. They and the boutique hotels make the region a top Turkish riviera spot.

Before travelling to one of Bodrum's top 7-luxury boutique hotels, everyone should know about Bodrum's reputation for excellence. Bodrum is the name of the city and the peninsula. At times, the still sea and sky mirror each other, creating an extraordinary effect. The area has held onto quint and rustic fishing village pasts. Still, it has also incorporated a new era of stylish trend-setting, combining for a shabby chic feel, similar to the French Riviera. In addition, Bodrum offers alluring nightclubs, and the yacht-lined marinas have brought many international tourists.

Boutique Hotels in Bodrum Turkey

1: The Amanruya in Bodrum

The traditional and luxury Amanruya hotel takes its name from the Sanskrit word for peace and the Turkish phrase ruya, meaning dream. Set on a beautiful serene hillside overlooking crystal blue waters and lush green landscapes, the hotel's architecture draws from traditional building methods and surrounding traditional architecture. The architecture is reminiscent of Ottoman and Mediterranean influences but also holds to the untouched natural beauty of the surroundings. The building's contemporary feel comes from the locally acquired stone-constructed walls, the Turkish marble floors, and the whimsical furniture made from dark acajou wood. There are clean lines and beautiful hand-carved stone details, making this hotel work of art. The corridors and vast open walkways have many areas romantically cast in dim light and shadow. The ability to shop for local produce and fresh seafood from the region allows Amanruya to offer extensive menus including Turkish, Western, Indonesian and Thai cuisines. Alternatively, let your stress and worries melt away at conveniently located spa treatment rooms by the main pool area.

Amanruya hotel

2: Casa Dell Arte Luxury Hotel in Bodrum

Casa Dell Arte is a relaxing and beautiful Bodrum boutique hotel set between Bodrum and the village of Torba. This hotel incorporates past, present and future design ideas. The use of local stone for their walls and sleek contemporary design demonstrates this property's desire to connect past and present. Original art is everywhere. Each room includes personality, with unique colours and furnishings. Everything at this hotel seems to work in a harmonious balance. There are different styles of suites to choose from depending on the occasion or experience. Fantasia suites are perfect for newlyweds, and spacious family suites fulfil each traveller's desires. In addition, 12 zodiac-themed rooms are bedecked with amenities and decor befitting individual celestial significance.

Casa Dell Arte

3: Macakizi of Bodrum

Macakizi of Bodrum entices lovers of natural beauty and romantic getaways. Macakizi is located in Turkbuku. Instead of broad sandy beaches, the town has a crescent boardwalk lined with little café, shops, and restaurants. Olive trees and tangerine groves surround the property. Macakizi offers a fantastic deck overlooking the pool-like water to sunbathe while relaxing to the water lapping beneath or taking a dip in tepid crystal blue water. All the rooms have panoramic and opulent villas, and luxury hotels fill this area. The Macakizi resides on a hillside overlooking the sea. The lavish design and open space architecture give the feeling of staying at an exquisite palace, but with the aim focused towards simple interior design. The neutral colour scheme leaves a clean palate of varied vivid colours of surrounding natural landscapes. Most visitors eat light during the day, grabbing a Panini or chilled salad while swimming or sunbathing. At night, eateries include small local cafes to upscale restaurants. To celebrate at night, try the Macakizi's nightclub. Prepare for loud electric music, energetic people, fantastic drinks, and the chance to see celebrities.

Macakizi of Bodrum

4: Boutique Sandima 37 in Bodrum

The boutique hotel, Sandima 37, is in Yalikavak, Bodrum. The area's harbour fills with yachts and fishing boats and is dotted with seafront restaurants. The consensus is that ancient Yalikavak resided atop one of many hills bordering this area. There remain tombstones and city walls. Carian cave tomb is an enchanting sight to see. The tomb was carved directly into the surrounding rock face and once held a memorial ship's bow. Historic Cisterns on the main road are still visible and used today. This town is very well known and famous for its beaches and strong winds, attracting windsurfers from around the world. Sandima 37 offers six uniquely decorated suites, each as diverse and different as the scenery around this gorgeous hotel. Sandima 37 also offers a traditional stone cottage for a little more privacy. This romantic, warm cottage is a rare and unique space to appreciate. The paradise outside and comfort inside are based on the owner's local roots. The Soysal family has gone to great lengths to provide comfort and luxury. The elegance of this hotel is supported by attention to detail and excellent service, which reflects the family's passion for life. The hotel's pool is framed by lemon and orange groves. International visitors buy villas and penthouses here because of the attractive sea views and panoramic scenery.

Sandima 37

5: Four Reasons Luxury Hotel in Yalikavak

There are probably more than four reasons to stay at the Four Reasons Hotel in Yalikavak, but the name is based on four pillars; hip and stylish, comfortable luxury, tranquillity and romance. This fantastic boutique hotel is a fierce competitor. The hotel consistently rates as one of Turkey's best boutique hotels. This hotel has 20 well-maintained and diversely decorated rooms, all structured towards setting a tranquil space to relax. They offer four styles; passionate: for lovers and romantics; junior suite: for blissful experiences and open space; casual for weary travellers needing a break from mainstream offerings; and functional for families. What this hotel lacks in size, it makes up with in service, personality, design, and charm. Everything is right at your fingertips, including iPod docks, bathrobes, and flat screens. TVs, minibars, and safe boxes are just a few offered. Also, visit the Terrace Bar and enjoy inventive cocktails served here and unforgettable sunsets. Four Reason's bistro keeps it interesting yet casual by serving Turkish and Mediterranean dishes accented with east and west flavours. To explore, head to Yalikavak market, featuring farmers' and artisans' stalls. This area is also a small boat ride away from several secluded Greek islands.

Four Reasons Hotel in Yalikavak

6: Boutique Ada Luxury Hotel in Bodrum

Ada hotel in Turkbuku brings the rustic beauty of local traditions and incorporates new world trends. The hotel provides unique upscale environments focusing on inviting, warm atmospheres. Carved stone decor is everywhere, and neutral, calm colours are a feast for the eyes. Yet, even with all the elegance, feel the special attention given to preserving the warm, comforting feeling of being at home. Let yourself drift to sleep on plush beds and soft bedding, then rise to catch the warm sun's rays on your private deck. For the epitome of pure relaxation, Ada hotel offers the Hammam. This amazing tranquil spa emulates its name as a Turkish royal bath. The large open spaces and aged marble walls covered in old Arabic script make this place almost religious. Low, seductive light radiates through openings and extravagant chandeliers holding candles. Get massages and relax, enjoy pampering and let problems slip away. The whole place blends in with the natural surroundings and scenery. The design and architecture transcend time and bring an enchanted feeling of a hidden sanctuary. Everywhere is romantically lit with dim lights or well-placed candles, suggesting a seductive fairy-tale ambience. Get lost in a whimsical garden hidden away from society for centuries with all the vines weaving their way up cracked stone walls and the overgrowth of lush greenery and vividly coloured flowers growing along the path.

7: Shamana Hotel and Spa in Bodrum

The Shamana Hotel and Spa resides in Torba Bay. There is a varied selection of rooms, all uniquely styled for rest. White walls and minimal well-placed contemporary decor give them Mediterranean beachcomber essence. The large floor plans boast a fantastic amount of space. Like most Turkish properties, they rely on open space and natural scenery to complement the stylish minimalist approach. The white walls contrast beautifully against the colours the sky displays throughout the day, of lovely blues, pinks, purples, oranges, and finally, the dusky blue of night. Sunbath at the hotel's private beach club. Find a private pavilion, bring a book, and order some fruity umbrella drinks. When night falls, join other patrons on the lounge terrace to enjoy drinks surrounded by the sea and olive trees. Enjoy dinner at fine restaurants, sample the traditional Mediterranean fare, or be adventurous and sample inventive entrees infused with unique flavours. After dinner, wander down to Shamana's Shisha bar and sample tobaccos. This hotel's private spa takes lessons from the past and offers the best embodiment of holistic natural therapy, blending time-honoured therapeutic traditional Ottoman Hamam and Indonesian massage techniques. Request these treatments be performed at the spa, in your room, or on the beach in private pavilions. The hotel also creates unique treatments using locally acquired, natural spices, fruits, and minerals.

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Bodrum Area GuideBodrum, the pride of Aegean Turkey, is a destination unlike anywhere else. Bodrum has many scenic landscapes, coastal resorts, and things to do, making it a popular tourist and expat destination for Turks and foreign nationalities. Whatever you think a typical seaside life in the sun should look like, Bodrum will step forward as an ideal contender. So, if you want to buy property in Bodrum or soak up the sun on a two-week holiday, what do you need to know?

Architecture in Bodrum: Glance at any picture postcard of the famous tourist region of Bodrum, and you will see the nostalgic white houses, with blue doors and windows, and flowing pink bougainvillaea tumbling down the walls. Yet, head away from the main town centre, and the luxury boutique hotels in Bodrum, modern properties featuring the latest in architectural trends take the limelight on the architectural stage of Turkey.



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