The success story of Yalikavak Marina in Bodrum

The success story of Yalikavak Marina in Bodrum shows no sign of finishing. This tiny peninsula jutting into the Aegean Sea of Turkey has gone from a collection of sleepy fishing villages to one of the Mediterranean's foremost sailing destinations. Due in no small part to the international marina developments, Yalikavak marina now attracts the world's biggest movers and shakers, including Bill Gates and Roman Abramovich, Jagger, Rothschild, Windsor, and many Saudi Princes. The list of big-name visitors reads like the guestlist of the world's most exclusive party. So, what should you know before visiting Yalikavak Marina in Aegean Bodrum?

Yalikavak Marina

About Yalikavak Marina in Bodrum - Turkey

Yalikavak Luxury Marina opened up the peninsula's shores, cementing Bodrum's reputation for high-quality marina facilities in a world-class location. Yalikavak's wide bay is also ideal for mooring. The sheltered spot and wide bay accommodate boats of all sizes. The water gets deep once offshore, so larger boats moor there. On an aesthetic level, Yalikavak, one of Bodrum's most spectacular spots, boasts famous sunsets.

The whole town bathes in a fantastic glow, and people quietly gather at the waterfront, absorbing it all in. When the beautiful Marina opened, it was lauded for its stylish, trendy design, ultramodern technology, and equipment. More than just somewhere for yachting, the marina complex revolves around luxury, sophistication and style - exactly what the owners strived for.

Bodrum sunset

Facts About Yalikavak Marina

  • Capacity for 620 yachts, including mega yachts
  • The superyacht marina has 5 platinum gold anchor awards
  • Received the American Architecture prize as well
  • Designed by award-winning Turkish architect Emre Aralot
  • Won the World Architecture award 3 times
  • Has won the superyacht or international Marina of the Year awards every year since 2018
  • Features two luxury hotels, one of which has a private beach
  • Includes heliport for super yachts docking out at sea
  • One-hour transfer time from Bodrum Milas Airport
  • The location, on the northern side of Turkey's Bodrum peninsula, is close to Greek islands

Yalikavak Marina

What to Do at Yalikavak Superyacht Marina

Two Luxury Hotels: If you don't own your own luxury villa, enjoy the Marina Hotel and Garden Hotel, the latter of which is an authentic Bodrum house across the street from the Marina, which has only 18 rooms; hence, enjoy boutique-style stays. The first overlooks the Marina and has 36 rooms, including a king suite. Hotel guests also use spa and wellness facilities.

Luxury Stores and Beach Clubs: A separate shopping part open to people who don't dock in with yachts boasts of various brands like Dior Dolce and Cabana. Gucci, another famous, high-brand name, sits alongside Lacosta and Louis Vuitton. There are also two beach clubs, where you can pay an entrance fee, access facilities and sun loungers, and get snacks and Turkish cuisine. They are an all-day beach and bar experience.

Plenty of Restaurants: Yalikavak earns fame for being a world-class restaurant and Turkey's best chefs serving delicious food. Head to Nusr-et for delicious, juicy steaks. You have probably heard of the famous owner who sprinkles salt on his dishes, hence his nickname Saltbae. If you don't want to dine, head to coffee shops like Starbucks.

Exploring Life in the Larger Town Centre

The effect of the port on Yalikavak resort town was electric. Tourism officials were delighted to see increasing visitors, including high-profile superyacht owners. The extra boosted the local economy. Economic indexes in similar Mediterranean locations in countries like Spain and France show that local economies embark on a renaissance once a marina opens.

More businesses open, creating jobs for locals and increasing cash flow to the local community through new enterprises. Tourist industries also grow – like diving and sailing schools and boat tours. But also look closely to still find Yalikavak's charm in the old world.

Beaches include the main one in town and the smaller one, a short drive away, called Dodo Beach. Places like Xuma Beach Clubs and Magi Beach earn fame, especially for their fantastic views. Naturally, being a seaside resort town, join daily boat cruises leaving the harbour, or even hire your own private boat or overnight trips called Blue Voyage routes.

Find old-style traditional Turkish restaurants to taste time-honoured cooking; otherwise, exploring old village houses displays interesting architecture with white-washed houses, wooden shutters, and old-style tea cafes depicting traditional Turkish life, away from ritz and glamour. There are magnificent sunset views when sitting in old restaurants by the harbour district serving amazing fresh fish dinners. Originally, Yalikavak Bay was a centre of sponge diving in Bodrum, and within walking distance are many tell-tale signs of the old days.

How Yalikavak Marina Changed the Real Estate Market

The most enormous knock-on effect happened in Yalikavak's real estate market. While traditional, budget properties are still to be found, new properties have been lifted to another dimension. To accompany the mega yachts, fine dining and luxury shopping, world-renowned architects moved in to design ultramodern houses. One example was the Richard Meier house. This remarkable architect, renowned for using white and geometric patterns, designed a house in Yalikavak that boasted full floor-to-ceiling windows to promote natural light and fantastic sea views.

While some architects design with new trends and living styles, others combine modern living with traditional architecture, such as the stone effects. It is not usual to see houses over a million pounds or more for sale. Indeed, the Marina made Yalikavak Turkey's equivalent of Beverly Hills. If you are looking at property in the Bodrum peninsula of Turkey and think Yalikavak is ideal, see our portfolio here and use the contact details to find out more, or call us today and chat with an agent about homes near marinas in Turkey.

Yalikavak villa

Also, about places in Turkey

Bodrum Town Centre: While Yalikavak commands fame on the northern side of the Bodrum peninsula, if sailing the Aegean, drop by Bodrum marina on the southern side. Milta Bodrum Marina has 425 berths at sea and 50 yacht berths on land, five gold anchor awards, and a fantastic rooftop restaurant with live music bands. This is 21st-century life on Aegean waters, and with a small assortment of shops, the perfect top-up to your trip to Yalikavak marina. Likewise, the Aegean town is the hub of the Bodrum peninsula, home to Bodrum Castle and the Museum of Underwater Archaeology. Like Yalikavak, expect amazing views.

Other Marinas in Turkey: From Yalikavak marina to other destinations in Turkey, this article discusses Turkey's best marinas and popular sailing routes. With four seas and 7000 kilometres of coastline, Turkey is a sailor's playground, and exploring various towns and marinas is excellent fun. Prepare for fantastic sailing from Kusadasi to Marmaris, Fethiye, Antalya and more.

Our Turkey Blog: We are Property Turkey, and with offices in all significant coastline towns of Turkey, we have a vast range of properties for sale. Whether you want a home near Yalikavak marina in Bodrum or other sailing hubs in Fethiye and Antalya, we can help. Alternatively, for more information about places, traditions, history or properties, see our blog about Turkey.



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