The Bohemian nightlife scene of Bodrum

Without a doubt, the nightlife of Bodrum is one of Turkey's best. Bodrum features every party idea: traditional, unique, or wacky, accommodating everyone from hard-core nightclub fans to couples looking for romantic candlelit dinners. It is not by chance that they have earned themselves this esteemed reputation. Owners of bars and staff undergo intense training by specialist tourism schools aimed purely at hotel and entertainment industries. They take their business seriously by staying up to date with music trends or accommodating their clientele with utmost service, whether budget travellers, seasoned ex-pats, or those who own homes in Bodrum. So for any first-time visitor to Bodrum, what can they expect when they venture out after dark to party or for slow-paced fun?

Bodrum nightlife

About the Nightlife of Bodrum

1: Eating Aegean Cuisine in Bodrum

Being a seaside peninsula, locals and visiting Turks love Aegean cuisine. Eat fresh fish or seafood, delicious appetisers, good company, intellectual conversations and, of course, a waterfront restaurant. Do not forget Turkey's traditional, alcoholic drink of Raki, which, when mixed with water, turns milky white, hence the nickname; lions’ milk. (More about dining Aegean style.)

2: Party on Bar Street in Bodrum town

Tourists who want to party until sunrise head to Bar street in Bodrum town centre, a long-cobbled path lined on both sides by bars! Each establishment has its unique decor and theme, but general similarities revolve around exotic cocktails and modern dance music, whether western or Turkish pop. Certain bars also offer amazing seaside views, which look out onto Bodrum Castle on the coastline, which projects a stunning appearance at night.

3: Nightlife Music in Traditional Meyhanes

This old Ottoman tradition nearly disappeared into history books until Turk's longing for nostalgia revived Meyhanes. During Ottoman days, Meyhanes served alcohol and appetisers known in Turkey as mezes. Even when one Ottoman sultan outlawed alcohol, they still did drinks secretly. Meyhanes were especially popular with travelling salespeople in Constantinople. Unfortunately, as Turkey became more westernised and restaurants offered full menus with live entertainment, people deserted Meyhanes in droves. They came back, though, and now provide delicious Turkish cuisine, live singers, and calm atmospheres, which makes them perfect for chilling out with good friends in Bodrum.

4: Exotic Nargile Bars for Sit-Down Fun

Young Turks love Nargile bars in Bodrum as an alternative to partying. Nargile pipes, also known as hookahs, use light-flavoured tobacco on metal plates, passing smoke into the water for users to inhale through long tubes. Some venues don't serve alcohol but tea or coffee, so check before sitting down. Since Turkey introduced smoking laws, nargile bars have extended venues outside, and many now have roof terraces, providing perfect holiday memories of smoking hookah pipes under Turkey's Aegean stars.

5: Night-time Party Cruising

Think of boats; and most people mention daytime coastline cruises, but night-time party cruises in Bodrum are popular. Sometimes called party boats, tickets are sold en-mass to everyone, but if crowds are not your idea of fun, hire your own boat for BBQs on board. Rent a boat from the harbour in any resort along the Bodrum peninsula, and this will be an affordable and memorable Aegean night to remember for large groups. Although the scenery is hard to see, night-time cruising is all about food and music instead, so indulge at your leisure.

6: Turkish Night Shows

If it is your first time in Turkey, book tickets to a Turkish night in Bodrum for original night-time entertainment. Appearances include lustrous and exotic belly dancers and live Turkish singers. Local folk groups from central Anatolian Turkey perform village dances stemming from many generations of families. Their traditional costumes are rarely seen these days, apart from in history books. Each dance refers to specific events such as an engagement, wedding, circumcision, or celebration of a new family birth.

7: BBQ Nights

Most tourist hotels in Bodrum hold party BBQ nights; otherwise, ex-pats living in Turkey should indulge in Turks' favourite past time of BBQs. Turks love them and take any opportunity to have a BBQ by putting Chicken, lamb, and kofte on the grill, serving delicious fresh salads and letting drink flow freely. To do as the Turks do, hold beach BBQs for more fun.

8: Nightlife in Other Bodrum Resorts

Of course, Bodrum centre is where to find vibrant party-style nightlife but also go further afield to surrounding resorts for more choices. Small but vibrant Gumbet, 3 kilometres from Bodrum town centre, offers a highly British vibe. Restaurant menus display typical British cuisine like bangers and mash or full Sunday roast dinners. Entertainment also features bingo or break-dancing shows. Meanwhile, Turkbuku attracts a rich generation of Turks who want to party in style. In clubs such as Bianca, they book VIP rooms months in advance. Exotic cocktails flow generously, 7,000 USD champagne flutes are bought in abundance, and beefy onsite security ensure paparazzi stay away. Out of all the nightlife, Turkbuku excels in party-style luxury and indulgence.

Also About Bodrum

Guide to Bodrum Town: This area is the most famous place in Aegean, Turkey. Bodrum town even outranks the neighbouring Izmir city, Turkey's third largest metropolis. The town centre accommodates everyone from your billionaires docking in on their luxury super mega yachts to the solo travellers looking for budget hotel rooms. This article discusses what to know, where to go, and what to do.

More Things to Do in Bodrum: So aside from the nightlife of Bodrum, naturally, everyone also wants to enjoy the daytime, and this is where Bodrum delivers in style, with many things to do and places of attractions. We list our favourite activities that will give you many ideas about how to enjoy your time in Bodrum.

Nightlife in Bodrum


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