How Bodrum Caters for the Wealthy and Influential People of the World

Bodrum, on the western coast of Turkey, has been a favourite holiday destination for both Turks and foreigners for many decades. It was one of the first seaside towns in the country to embrace mainstream package tourism in the 1980s, but locals give credit for their success to the fisherman of Halicarnassus.

His real name was Cevat Sakir Kabaagacli, and in a delightful twist of fate, his worst moment in life turned out to be his legacy. Having been exiled to the Bodrum peninsula in 1925, he spent his time by exploring the coastline and writing about his travels.

Employing local fishermen to rent out their boats, his influential artisan friends joined him, and they published books about their expeditions uncovering small coastal resorts and historical ruins. The Blue Voyage cruise concept was born, and Bodrum became a pinnacle hub of the Turkish Riviera.

These days, the Bodrum peninsula is an all-rounder accommodating budget travellers as well as international yachts. It also attracts the fabulously wealthy people of the world, lured by the promise of blue seas, gourmet food and exclusivity given by the hospitality industry of the region.

Bodrum Palmarina

Rich and Famous People Who Visit Bodrum

It is no surprise that rich and famous people adore Bodrum since, throughout history, it has been a magnet for influential leaders such as Cleopatra and Marc Anthony. Fast forward to the current century, and a diehard fan is Kate Moss who is often seeing booking into her favourite spa and wellness retreat for a detox session.

Jade Jagger is another celebrity who loved the region that much, she stuck around and opened her own restaurant. Her father Mick Jagger inspired her to do much of the ground-breaking work for her first restaurant that was the Secret Garden attached to the famous Halicarnassus nightclub.

Other the stars of Hollywood often drop by while travelling the Mediterranean on their mega yacht. The cinema and tv stars include Tom Hanks, Pamela Anderson, Nicole Kidman, Dustin Hoffman and Uma Thurman.

Let’s not forget the musical and sporting stars of the world who have descended on Bodrum to find out what all the hype is about. Beyonce, Jay Z, and Ronaldo have all worked the sandy beaches and soaked up the Turkish rays of sun.

Then there is, of course, royalty who prefer to make a more aloof appearance. Prince Charles and Camilla once spent days sailing the coastline and ordering food from some of Bodrum’s finest dining establishments.

In 2017, a Saudi prince also made headlines when he landed with 30 bodyguards and 300 suitcases, before spending £500,000 within a week. Sailing into Bodrum on a yacht formerly owned by Donald Trump, Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud also spent time relaxing in his favourite coastal resort of the Bodrum peninsula, that is Turkbuku.

Yacht in Bodrum

Turkbuku: The Saint Tropez of Turkey

Nicknamed the Saint Tropez of Turkey, Turkbuku fabulously oozes wealth, luxury and an air of abundant living. At any given time during the summer season, Turkish celebrities are often spotted sunbathing on the manmade jetties, dining on gourmet cuisine or lapping up the life of luxury in any of the five-star-plus hotels.

Naturally given the type of clientele, who visit Turkbuku, its real estate market is the most expensive on the western coast of Turkey. With prices reaching as much as 6 million pounds, the exclusive villas each have an individual charm befitting a person of wealth.

This millionaire villa sits on a 1500 square metre plot that includes expertly landscaped gardens, a massive infinity pool, its own luxury spa section, private jetty, and mooring spot for your yacht to take you to the glitzy lifestyle of nearby Yalikavak.

The tastefully decorated interior also naturally needs to be maintained, and that is where the separate house comes in handy for the cleaning, cooking and gardening staff employed.

Luxury property in Turkbuku

Contemporary Architecture at Its Best

Some properties have been designed by award-winning architects, who pave the way for builders to construct unique homes making the most of the landscape while emphasising the latest trends in design and decor. This contemporary villa sitting on the outskirts of Turkbuku is a perfect example, of real estate perfection.

Often featured in international home magazines, the floor to ceiling windows celebrates the fantastic sea view on offer, while the vast open spaces give an immensely spacious feel to the property that covers 1000 square metres including living areas and gardens. Once again, incorporating the demands and lifestyle of the fabulously wealthy people of the world, it has a private jetty and mooring space.

Turkbuku villa

But I Don’t Have That Much Money!

If you want to tap into the exclusive lifestyle of Turkbuku but don’t have a budget that stretches to the millionaire villas, some surprisingly affordable properties on the market. Downgrading to an apartment and coming slightly away from the coastline, this furnished apartment subtly taps into the luxurious lifestyle of Turkbuku without compromising.

The three-bedroom property covering 205 square metres makes use of communal gardens and a swimming pool, but you still have the privacy, architecture, decor and design of a prime piece of real estate.

Otherwise, this Turkbuku villa, just metres away from a private section of the beach makes an excellent property for someone who likes renovation and decor for a modern look. The bonus with this villa is the enormous range of onsite facilities including a library, cafe, tennis courts, gym, beauty centre and sailing club.

Whether you choose to live in it all year round, or just use it for holidays, this bargain-priced villa will make you feel at home in Turkbuku, one of Turkey’s elite coastal resorts.

Turkbuku villa


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