The Best Restaurants in Bodrum for Tasty Culinary Journeys

If you want to dine in the best restaurants in Bodrum, a stunning coastal peninsula in Turkey, expect exquisite culinary experiences. The charming peninsula also belongs to the Turkish Riviera and offers lovely restaurants catering to various tastes, from juicy steaks to hearty pasta to traditional Turkish cuisine.

This article guides you on mouth-watering journeys through Bodrum's best restaurants, where you can enjoy breathtaking sea views, exceptional service, seafront dining of Turkey, and unforgettable meals. The Bodrum peninsula of Turkey includes various towns and villages; we list restaurants in most of them and Bodrum city. So, from the old town and city centre to trendy resorts, let's find out where to satisfy your appetite.

Best Restaurants in Bodrum

1. Marina Yacht Club: World-Class Cuisine

In the heart of Bodrum's marina, Marina Yacht Club offers three restaurants with diverse world food. With stunning Aegean Sea views, menus at Marina Yacht Club feature several fresh seafood dishes and Turkish and international menus. The Marina Yacht Club is known throughout Turkey for exquisite dishes, such as grilled octopus, lobster, and sea bass. Additionally, the seafront restaurant offers various meat and vegetarian options. Outdoor seating overlooking the picturesque Bodrum Marina finishes the experience.

2: Bodrum Edition Brava and Kitchen

Expect the two best restaurants from the Bodrum Edition Hotel with a private beach and beach club. Chef Diego Muñoz runs the signature al fresco restaurant of Bodrum EDITION, where diners savour various traditional dishes and grilled wok dishes featuring fine local ingredients. At Brava Bodrum Bar, drinks are enhanced with Latin American and local food flavours. Brava is more than somewhere to eat and drink wine in Bodrum. Meanwhile, celebrated Turkish chef Osman Sezener provides authentic food and wine experiences in the Kitchen with extensive regional food selections. Seafood and meat are sourced from the best local producers in Bodrum. At the same time, food such as herbs, vegetables, and greens come from the property's gardens and nearby farms.

Bodrum Edition

3: Spanish Cuisine at La Pasion Bodrum

La Pasion opened their doors in 2008 to introduce the Spanish tapas and Sangria culture to Bodrum. Serving both modern and traditional dishes from Spain, they have taken the ambience one step further with their outdoor dining theme. La Pasion says they focus on style, presenting food in tasteful ways that make the mouth water. They also have great pride in saying the best Spanish dishes can be found at their restaurant. The chef gained experience in the San Sebastian region and other European countries. Serving a variety of hot and cold tapas, this is also the place to taste authentic Spanish paella. Don't think this is just a high-flying restaurant because they also have a children's menu.

La Pasion Bodrum

4: Dinc Restaurant Cafe and Bar

Holding the title as the top restaurant in Bodrum City, Dinc excels in outdoor dining and seafood cuisine. With over 1000 reviews, they have garnered favour from Bodrum locals and tourists. Reviews cite the excellent prices and service, especially by management, as reasons why people return there. Like many other places in Bodrum, this restaurant has a seafront dining experience. Do take time to check them out during the sunset. Sitting in the Kumbahce neighbourhood of Bodrum city, this would be an ideal place to go after visiting the Bodrum castle and underwater shipwreck museum.

5. Orfoz Restaurant: Seafood Delights in Central Bodrum

Orfoz, one of Bodrum's best restaurants, spawned some imitators, so make sure you end up at the right one on Cumhuriyet Caddesi 177b. Although it's not high-end, the quality is unparalleled, and fans say the restaurant dishes up the best seafood you'll find anywhere in Turkey. The cosy restaurant's full of atmosphere becomes popular on weekends, so try to get seats outside. A tip from a regular: don't order off the menu; ask your waiter to bring you dishes to try. Orfoz Restaurant offers exquisite Aegean Sea dining, and the restaurant has gained a stellar reputation throughout Turkey for exceptional food and outstanding service. In addition to excellent food, Orfoz Restaurant provides a welcoming and elegant atmosphere.

Orfoz Bodrum

6. Hakkasan Restaurant: Upscale Cantonese Dining in Golturkbuku

Hakkasan Bodrum, in the Mandarin Oriental in Golturkbuku, is an upscale restaurant and part of the excellent world cuisine Hakkasan brand. Renowned for innovative and contemporary Cantonese food, the waterfront restaurant provides diners with stunning Aegean Sea views while enjoying their meal. Menus at Hakkasan Bodrum feature modern dishes like Peking duck with caviar, steamed dim sum, and stir-fried black pepper beef. In addition to dining, Hakkasan Bodrum guests enjoy signature cocktails and premium spirits. The bar area is great for pre-dinner drinks and nights out with friends. This is just one of 11 restaurants and bars in the Mandarin Oriental.

7: Sultanbahce Restaurant

This restaurant first opened in 2005 with indoor premises and, in 2020, branched into outdoor garden dining. This family-owned business promises fresh products, excellent tastes, professional chefs and the best prices. Having served over 50,000 customers over the years, their solid reputation earned them stellar reviews on Trip Advisor. They presently have 5 chefs serving over 300 dishes, so no diner ever has to go hungry. Serving traditional Aegean cuisine like fish in salt, octopus salad, lobster and crab, they also excel in meat dishes like Adana kebab. Because the restaurant is set back from the seafront, you have to miss out on the Aegean sea views, but alfresco-style dining in their garden more than makes up for this.

8. Mimoza Restaurant: Seafood Dining in Gumusluk

In charming Gumusluk village, Mimoza Restaurant on the water's edge offers atmospheric settings. The beachside restaurant provides stunning sea and sunset views. Menus at Mimoza Restaurant centre around fresh seafood and traditional Turkish dishes, all perfectly cooked. With ingredients sourced from local fish markets and conventional menus like stuffed mussels, the service is top-notch, making Mimoza ideal for romantic dinners. (More about Gumusluk in Bodrum.)

9. Malva: Fine Dining at Susona Hotel Torba

For fine dining in Bodrum, Malva in Susona Hotel Torba offers elegant and sophisticated atmospheres, with menus focusing on contemporary Turkish cuisine with Mediterranean twists. Dishes at Malva are beautifully presented and burst with flavour, while extensive choices of wine add to upscale dining. Impeccable service from attentive staff ensures meals are nothing short of exceptional. They say, " Malva menu's regional and vegan flavours are created with carefully selected ingredients from local Aegean farmers and reinvented by our master chefs."

Malva Bodrum

10. Yuhi Roof Restaurant & Bar: Trendy Rooftop Dining in Turgutreis

Situated atop Swissotel Resort Bodrum Beach in Turgutreis, trendy Yuhi Roof Restaurant & Bar offers stunning sea and marina views. Menus feature international and Mediterranean dishes made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Cocktails at Yuhi Roof Restaurant & Bar are creative and delicious, and the atmospheres are lively and fun. This restaurant promotes sunset drinks and romantic dinners, and they say diners can "Delight in the rare examples of culinary arts and then feel the beauty of the night to the fullest."

Yuhi Bodrum

11. Novikov Bodrum: Luxurious Dining in Yalikavak Marina

For luxurious dining in Turkey with breathtaking views, head to Novikov Bodrum. Sitting in Yalikavak Marina, Novikov Bodrum offers unparalleled dining that combines Asian and Mediterranean cuisine. Stunning marina views are the first thing you'll notice when you step into Novikov Bodrum. Novikov Bodrum's menu fuses Asian and Mediterranean cuisine, offering exciting flavours and dishes. The famous restaurant excels in sushi freshly made by skilled chefs. Their seafood also delights everyone with grilled octopus and tiger prawn tempura that please seafood lovers. Also, try the meat dishes. (More about Yalikavak in Bodrum.)

12. Limon: Laid-Back Dining with Views in Gumusluk

For more laid-back dining in Turkey, Limon in Gumusluk is an ideal choice, as seen by locals who visit there. This charming hillside restaurant lets you sit at a table and enjoy sunset views. Limon's menu features traditional Turkish cuisine with modern twists. The restaurant's mezes on small plates include delicious feta cheese and stuffed pumpkin flowers. With their onsite lemon farm, main courses are equally impressive, with dishes like lamb shank and grilled sea bass served with traditional salads.

13. Boho Restaurant: Bohemian Flavours in Yalikavak

In Yalikavak Boho Bodrum Hotel, Boho Restaurant is for anyone looking for unforgettable dining with bohemian themes. Focusing on small plates and organic and locally sourced ingredients, ensuring fresh and flavourful dishes, Boho says they offer tapas-style dining experiences that combine European food with local influences. The restaurant also grows its own vegetables for use in salads and other dishes. Enjoy their dishes on the outdoor patio or beach alongside their signature cocktails.

Boho Bodrum

14: Eat At Kavanoz: Creative Cuisine in Yalikavak

Kavanoz's innovative restaurant in Yalikavak will surprise and delight your taste buds. The restaurant has charming and rustic decors, wooden tables, colourful chairs, and an open kitchen that adds to the ambience. Kavanoz's menu features creative and unconventional dishes prepared using seasonal and local ingredients. Some must-try dishes include beef cheek with truffle mash, sea bass with green curry, and grilled octopus with beetroot puree. In addition, the restaurant's selection of Turkish wines and craft beers perfectly complements meals.

More About the Bodrum Peninsula

So, as you can see, expect the best dining in Turkey when you are in Bodrum. However, Bodrum doesn't do things in half. The peninsula excels in everything. The following articles will be helpful for more ideas and suggestions to get to know Bodrum.

Best Area in Bodrum: Deciding on the best area of Bodrum can be challenging because this corner of Turkey throws up many coastal resorts worthy of admiration. From small bays to sandy beaches, clubs, and great restaurants, this location next to the Aegean Sea in Turkey, previously called Halicarnassus, presents fascinating history. However, as with anything, deciding on the best areas depends on personal preferences. So, we put together this guide to help you choose the best places in Bodrum.

Turkish Foods to TryThe above selection of the best restaurants in Bodrum includes various international cuisines. However, we are strong advocates of doing as the Romans do when in Rome. Hence this article talks about the best Turkish dishes to try. From traditional appetizers to main meals and desserts, dining in Bodrum can be a conventional and international experience.


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