The Bayrampasa District of European Istanbul: Area Guide

The Bayrampasa district of Istanbul is one of its lesser talked about areas, yet the last ten years has seen it shed an outdated reputation with professionalism, excellent urban planning, and a family-friendly atmosphere. While tourists prefer the neighbouring Fatih and Eyup districts, Turkish property buyers are looking at Bayrampasa as the ideal place to escape the hustle and bustle of urban living, yet be close enough to the city’s heart and soul.

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About Bayrampasa District

Its name is relatively new, since throughout history, until the 1970s, it was called Salmancilar. During the siege of Constantinople in 1453, it was the military headquarters base from where they planned their operations but its current day name honours the Ottoman Sultan Murad the 4th’s Grand Vizier, who was a farm owner. These days, even though it hardly appears on Istanbul’s touristic scene, many people have passed through because it's home to the city’s main bus terminal.

Its other two significant claims to fame are Forum Istanbul, the largest shopping centre in Europe and Istanbul Aquarium, which was the first to open in Turkey. Visitors to the town centre will also be surprised to see a large artichoke statue reflecting its cultural heritage. In the past, it mass produced the vegetable, but even though this trade has died down, it is still the town's mascot.

11 Neighbourhoods of Bayrampasa

Sitting on the Catalca peninsula of European Istanbul, Bayrampasa breaks down into eleven zones, each with their characteristics. Altintepsi sits south of the E80 highway running through the district and is a short walking distance from Esenler Metro station. On the other side of the E80, Ismet Pasa is home to the government Devlet hospital and is a ten-minute drive to the neighbouring Eyup district. Kocatepe is the place to splash your cash and home to Forum Istanbul shopping mall, while Ortamahalle houses the Metro station and is close to the Fatih district.

Other neighbourhoods include Cevatpasa, Kartaltepe, Muratpasa, Terazidere, Vatan, Yildrim and Yenidogan. Regardless of their position, all communities have excellent transport links to other areas in Istanbul. If you plan to buy property and are new to the district, contact us to arrange a neighbourhood viewing trip. During this time, we show all the shops, restaurants, schools, banks, transport links and more, so you can find the ideal property that suits your lifestyle needs.

Forum Istanbul: Shopping, Eating Out and Entertainment

Ask any Istanbul local about Bayrampasa, and the first thing they will mention is the ultramodern Forum Istanbul. This large shopping mall covering 495,000 square metres, hosts 300 Turkish and international shopping brands, the amazing Istanbul Aquarium, and dining and entertainment choices. This has made it a family favourite for locals and attracts people from outside the district.

Forum Istanbul

Green Parks in the Bayrampasa Area

Bayrampasa local council is proud of their local parks. Ensuring residents have green spaces in among an urban landscape has been their priority for the last decade so that children can play safely, and residents can enjoy walking, playing sports, and relaxing. Their efforts have paid off because, in 1994, the ratio of green spaces was just 0.75 square metres, but today that has risen to 4.05. The latest figures released by the local council say residents have access to 70 parks and children’s playgrounds, 15 basketball courts, and 28 community pools.

The largest and most favourite is Bayrampasa city park that opened in 2003. Covering 480,000 square metres, social facilities include an open-air cinema, amphitheatre, training and exhibitions spaces, picnic and hiking areas, children’s playgrounds, car parking, hobby garden, jogging and walking tracks, waterfalls, and artificial ponds. Other popular parks include Terazidere neighbourhood’s 60th year, Cahar Dudayev, Ahmet Sarioglu and Parkada.

Buying Property in Bayrampasa

Its small size and existing real estate market mean the portfolio of properties for sale in the Bayrampasa district is not as extensive as other areas. However, if you want a new build or off plan home, you will find what you are looking for. Its close distance to the Golden Horn and surrounding neighbourhoods, as well as excellent transport links, makes it ideal for workers wishing to commute, while families also enjoy the full range of social facilities on their doorstep.

Most Turkish real estate for sale are apartments in complexes with a wide range of facilities including swimming pools, on-site security, gyms, and landscaped gardens. Monthly apartment aidet fees cover the upkeep and maintenance of these, so all you have to do is relax and enjoy your new home. See our portfolio of property for sale in Bayrampasa here, and for more details, call or email us.

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