Expat Living: 4 Good Reasons to Live Abroad

Many people in their lifetimes will contemplate whether living abroad is an ideal option. Some decide to display their patriotism towards their home country by refusing to ever leave and then there are those who seriously consider the idea.

Either they find themselves in a position to work abroad or their financial state makes it a viable option. Likewise, some choose not to dip their toes fully in the water by spending 6 months abroad and 6 months in their home country while others sell up lock stock and barrel to start a new life abroad.

To decide if living abroad is what you want, weigh up the benefits and cons. While only the person themselves can know the cons of moving abroad, here are generic reasons why catching that plane and starting a new life is a good idea.

Life is good on a beach in Turkey

4 Good Reasons Why Living Abroad is a Good Idea

It Can Be Financially Better

In countries like Turkey, house prices are cheap with an average starting price of £50,000 for an apartment. Buyers can expect to see a profitable long-term investment in this area. The cost of living can also be cheaper as is seen in waters bills averaging £5 per month and council tax that is nowhere near the dramatic rates of the UK. While the price of red meat tends to be high, fish, fruit and vegetables are cheap and plentiful providing a varied and healthy diet.

For someone living on a pension, the extremely good exchange rate at the moment means expats get more for their bucks than ever before. For a couple, who own their property, do not drink, smoke or run a vehicle, they can have a comfortable lifestyle for just £300 per month.

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A Change is as Good as a Rest

For people that fear change, a move abroad is not a good idea but for those who are able to embrace it wholeheartedly, a move can rejuvenate the mind and make us feel younger. Embracing different ideas, cultures and traditions can be extremely pleasing to someone who feels they have reached a stagnant stage in their life.

All of a sudden we spring back into action and become more productive as we meet new people, start participating in different hobbies or dive head first into the national cuisine that is so different, yet diverse and tasty. Although there are challenges, embracing change helps tone up those life skills and is commonly known as character building.

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It Can Make You Happier and Healthier

Quite often, I wake up early and walk 10 minutes to my nearest beach. From there, I have a fantastic view of the sunrise. The local dog walkers shout hello and then I will enjoy a tasty and extremely cheap breakfast in one of the local restaurants.

Having grown up in a city landscape, I am extremely grateful that I now have the opportunity to live in a seaside resort receiving an average of 300 days sunshine a year and according to psychologists gratitude is the perfect way to a happier life.

In an article, two psychologists, Dr Emmons of California University and Dr McCullough of Miami University conducted a study for participants to write a few sentences each week.

- Group 1: Wrote about what they were grateful for

- Group 2: Focused on issues that had upset them or made them angry

- Group 3: This group just wrote about their thoughts and didn’t focus on negative or positive.

The article says…

“After 10 weeks, those who wrote about gratitude were more optimistic and felt better about their lives. Surprisingly, they also exercised more and had fewer visits to physicians than those who focused on sources of aggravation”.

A Forbes article on scientific reasons as to show gratitude says that it can also improve our physical health, self-esteem and even make us sleep better. When you have a dream of living in the sun and it finally becomes reality, the gratitude of living your idyllic lifestyle generally makes you happier and healthier.

Happiness is a clear blue sky

It Can Be Extremely Rewarding

Expat Natalie Sayin has fond memories of her first time living abroad. She says…

“I was only 25 and gave up a well-paid managerial job to work as a holiday rep. Many people said I was mad and would regret the decision, but my mind frame was different. Even if it all went wrong, I had to know that I’d tried. 14 years later and I’m still living abroad.”

It all boils down to the concept of a life worth living and Natalie goes on to say…

“If you have the slightest urge to spend time abroad do it, even if it is only for 6 months. It is better to try than regret and wonder for the rest of your life what would have happened if you pursued your dream.”

Whether or not, it works out is irrelevant because knowing that you tried, is a rewarding concept in itself. Embrace the culture and you can become a better people person, therefore, cultivating relationships. Learning to navigate around the local bureaucracy leaves you with a proud sense of “yes, I did it” and becoming bi-lingual leaves you with a sense of life-long achievement.

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Living abroad has many benefits but for those who don’t want to make a sudden dramatic change, ease yourself into it slowly. Rent an apartment for a month and assess your experience at the end of it. From there, if things have gone well and you’ve enjoyed yourself extend it to 3 or 6 months. These days with an abundance of flights and the ease of travel, living abroad no longer means moving permanently.


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