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11 Weird and wonderful Turkish proverbs

The Turkish language is a rich and colourful one, with plenty of unusual sayings ready to be trotted out on almost any occasion. Like English proverbs they run the gamut from good old fashioned common sense to just plain bewildering, with odd allusions to animals. As a proverb in English says: "wise men make proverbs, and fools repeat them." Which of these Turkish proverbs are worth repeating? Have you any of your own to add?

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Translation: Either way, you're in trouble.

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Translation: The older you get, the less likely you are to learn something new. 

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Translation: Not everyone will do what you tell them to.

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Translation: Turkish women like weddings. A lot.

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Translation: A lie will always come to light.

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Translation: It's best to go out of your way to avoid conflict.

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Translation: You'll need to work hard if the things you want are not easily attainable.

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Translation: Action will get the job done, not words.

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Translation: You need to pay someone before they'll work.

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Translation: It's difficult explaining something to an ignorant person.

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Translation: Your surroundings reveal much about your character.

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