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Beycik mapBeycik is a peaceful village situated in the Kemer District of Turkey. Located to the southwest of Antalya, and has a population of fewer than 500. Beycik is situated in the Olympos National Park, in the foothills of Mount Olympos. Areas of particular attraction with tourists are in the areas of Phaselis and Tekirova.

The charming mountain village of Beycik
Beycik is an unusual and extremely beautiful region and has become known as a Turkish Switzerland. The village of Beycik is located in the heart of Beydaglari National Park and at the foot of Tahtali Mountain (2365 m) directly on the Lycian Way, which is one of the best walks in the world. This charming mountain village Beycik has not been developed and offers untouched nature, beautiful forests plus pure, clean mountain air.

Mountains and sea collide
In the Lycian mountains, near the city Elmali radicals from the early Bronze Age (2600-2200 BC) have been found. This has helped historians to look at when Beycik was founded and what connection there was with the old city Laodicea. Evidence gathered and numerous findings of sarcophagi suggest that this area was larger, but it is difficult for them to approximate how long this region was inhabited before our era. 

What to see and do in Beycik
Not far from Beycik is the picturesque town of Cirali. Cirali offers almost 5 km beach making it the ideal location for those seeking relaxation and nature lovers alike. Cirali is also famous for its sea turtles, which come here to lay their eggs each year.

BeycikThose interested in history will marvel at the eternally burning stones that are said to be several thousand years old and are located right next to Cirali. The fabled Lycia is also close by. From Cirali there are many historical places such as Myra, Arikanda, Olympos and Phaselis all within easy reach. The three islands are particularly popular with divers. These places are also visited by those in ill health as the healthy air of the Turkish Mountains has been known to bring real respite from skin disorders, allergies and breathing problems.  

Beycik’s location is the ideal place to take part in all manner of outdoor activities such as walking, jeep safari, trekking and skiing, also swimming, diving, sailing, as well as yachting and various daily boat tours along Turkey’s western Mediterranean Turquoise coast line. Beycik is also very close to several blue flag beaches.

For hikers, this area is well suited. There are numerous trekking tours available to join. The Lycian Way is an established, well marked path, following a mix of dirt roads, tracks and trails. Those with experience in hill walking should not encounter any problems with the terrain, others should take care, but there are various treks that are suitable for all level of walkers. 

There is a newly built ski and daily sight-seeing resort on Tahtali Mountain, which has excellent skiing, making this an incredibly popular destination as there are few places where you can sunbathe in the morning and ski down the mountains in the afternoon.  There is a daily non-stop cable car service which can carry up to 80 people at a time, and takes just ten minutes to get from the base to the top of the mountain.

Beycik is becoming increasingly popular with tourists and many German, English and Dutch have chosen this village as their second home. Located on the Lycian way, at the foot of Olympos Tahtali Mountain and near two international marinas it is an idyllic place with excellent transportation links.

Beycik houseTravelling to and from Beycik
The distance to the city of Antalya is 65 km and to the tourist town of Kemer is 22 km.

There are several airports within 100 km of Beycik, including Eskisehir Airport, Sivrihisar Airport and Topel Airport. 

Why visit Beycik
Beycik offers a wealth of activities as well as peace and tranquillity for those seeking an area for total relaxation. This excellent village has not been spoilt by development and offers the cleanest air and warm climate in one. 

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