US a significant player in Turkey’s economic growth

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United States remains a significant player in Turkey's economic growth, ranking as the second-largest investing country with a substantial $1.1 billion investment in 2021. Data provided by the Investment Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey highlights a noteworthy 87% increase in foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows to Turkey during the first 11 months of 2021.

US companies operating in Turkey

This surge in investment underscores the attractiveness of Turkey as a destination for international capital. Over the past two decades, the United States has consistently been a major contributor to Turkey's FDI landscape, with the total FDI inflows from 2006 to 2021 reaching an impressive $14 billion.

This enduring partnership reflects a mutual interest in fostering economic ties and capitalising on investment opportunities. Approximately 2,000 American companies have established their presence in Turkey, operating across diverse industries such as automotive, chemicals, information and communication technology (ICT), energy, as well as food and beverages. This extensive involvement underscores the confidence and trust that American businesses place in Turkey's economic potential.

A surge in FDI from the United States

The surge in FDI from the United States not only bolsters Turkey's economic development but also strengthens the bilateral relations between the two nations. The diverse sectors in which American companies operate within Turkey contribute to the country's overall economic resilience.

Turkey attractiveness as an investment destination is further underscored by the increase in FDI inflows, and the continued partnership with the United States reflects a positive outlook for the economic landscape of both nations. As Turkey remains a pivotal player in the global economy, the collaboration between Turkey and the United States is poised to drive further growth and prosperity in the years to come.

The burgeoning foreign trade agreement between Turkey and the United States, nearing an impressive 35 billion dollars, stands as a testament to the robust development potential inherent in their bilateral relations. This substantial economic engagement is a pivotal indicator of the evolving and strengthening ties between the two nations.

Turkish investments in the United States

Within the United States, Turkish investments have surpassed the noteworthy sum of $5 billion dollars, further cementing the economic interdependence of the two countries. These investments, spanning various sectors, showcase Turkey's commitment to contributing to the economic landscape of its American counterparts.

As bilateral relations deepen, it is noteworthy that the United States is home to a considerable Turkish diaspora, with nearly one million people of Turkish origin residing in the country. This demographic connection serves as a social and cultural bridge, fostering a unique bond that transcends mere economic interests. With the backdrop of a substantial foreign trade agreement and considerable investments, the trajectory of bilateral relations between Turkey and the United States appears poised for further development in the coming period.

The economic interplay between the two nations is not only a driver of growth but also an indication of increased collaboration and mutual benefit. As we anticipate the future, the multifaceted nature of the Turkey-USA relationship, encompassing economic, cultural, and social dimensions, sets the stage for a deeper and more comprehensive partnership. The confluence of economic interests, a thriving Turkish diaspora in the U.S., and the shared commitment to fostering mutual prosperity lay the foundation for a robust and enduring alliance between these two nations.



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