Turkey’s EU plan takes shape

A new strategy aiming to speed up Turkey’s accession into the EU is underway.

Turkey’s EU Minister Volkan Bozkir has announced a plan that will help improve Turkey-EU relations over the next few years.

The “National Action Plan for EU Accession” will be completed by 2019 and will not only help bring Turkey closer to the EU but will assuage the fears of any Turks who are hesitant about Turkey’s EU future, Bozkir said.

In three weeks an EU report will detail Turkey’s accession progress - detailing the country’s efforts to meet EU standards.
Volkan Bozkir

The strategy

The plan centres around three principles: determination, continuity and effectiveness, and according to Bozkir, will focus on prioritising the interests and benefits of Turkish citizens, and improving communication between Turkey and the EU.

Political reforms will focus on improving Turkey’s laws, democratic processes, human rights, freedom and security, in line with EU recommendations.

The day-to-day life of Turkey’s population will also be considered in the strategy, focussing on changes to everything from production to consumption, health, education, agriculture and environment.

"Each political, judicial, economic or social reform implemented on the path to the EU accession upgrades the living standards of the citizens and increases the economic power, democratic prestige and security of our country on the global scale," the plan outlines.

The final part of the plan is a communication strategy, which aims to improve the country’s external image, as well as foster EU ties.

You can read the strategy here.

Meanwhile, President Erdogan made a speech this week in which he lauded Turkey’s economic outlook, stating that the country experienced a growth rate of 5 per cent between 2003 and 2013, and predicting a similar rate this year.


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