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Turkey’s Industry and Technology minister was delighted to announce that the top honours were bestowed on Turkey, when they were announced as the largest exporter of home appliances in Europe during the year 2021. This is even more of an accolade as they were faced with the soaring costs of raw material costs, supply chain stoppages, and various other challenges.

Trade Increases

According to TURKBESD, data released showed that despite everything else the world was faced with, domestic sales in the home appliances sector in Turkey rose in 2021 by 9% year-on-year. This reflects that even through the Coronavirus pandemic, demand was still high with production up by 17% and exports up 18% when compared to 2020. This was even with the increased costs and difficult logistics.

The most popular appliances

The Industry and Technology Minister, Mustafa Varank, took to twitter to announce how well Turkey was doing by tweeting: “Our home appliances sector, which exported 26 million products in 2021, has ranked first in Europe.”

The top spot went to fridges with sales of 2.25 million, runner up was washing machines with 2.15 million sold, 1.64 million dishwashers, 1.12 million freezers, over 1 million ovens, and quarter of a million dryers. In total Turkey exported in the region of 26 million home products in 2021.

Moving Forwards

Can Dincer, TURKBESD Chairperson, announced that this year the industry is looking to invest approximately 480 million USD, and this will be used for extra production facilities, machinery renewal, increase capacity, technology innovation, and becoming more energy efficient. Dincer also said that exports have increased so much over the past five years that further increases were almost guaranteed.

He went on to say: “Our annual export volume has exceeded 4.5 billion USD.” He went on to acknowledge how important it is to take the steps to reduce the burden of costs on this industry. According to Dincer the way forward is clear: “We aim to continue to increase our exports in 2022 and to have a successful year in the domestic market by responding to the changing demands of our customers.”


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