Turkey to provide 5 free face masks per week

Face mask in Turkey

Following the recent decision by the Turkish government to further combat and fight against the spread of coronavirus in Turkey, it is now a requirement by law to wear a face mask when in a public place. Due to this new legislation, the Turkish Postal System has announced plans for the distribution of medical masks to Turkish citizens free of charge.

Citizens and those currently in Turkey are required to apply for their free masks through the e-commerce site e.PttAVM.com since a decision was made by the Transport and Infrastructure Ministry and the Health Ministry on Sunday. The PTT (The Turkish Post and Telegraph Organisation) will be undertaking the deliveries of the masks on a weekly basis.

Eligibility for free face masks

The statement made by the ministry on Sunday clarified that not everyone will be eligible for the free face masks in Turkey. Citizens aged of 65 and over, as well as young people under the age of 20 years are currently banned from leaving their homes and therefore would not be able to claim free masks as they should not be needed.

All citizens and those in Turkey who are not currently under a house curfew can apply to receive their pack of five free masks weekly and their masks will be delivered free of charge to their home address in Turkey.

Coronavirus in Turkey

Fahrettin Koca, the Health Minster for Turkey made an announcement that there were almost 3,000 patients who had contracted the coronavirus in Turkey that have since recovered. On Saturday the death toll in the country had risen to 1,100 after further people had lost their lives to the disease.

COVID-19 aka coronavirus is a disease that is spread through the molecules and droplets from coughs or sneezes. The symptoms of the virus include a persistent dry cough and high temperature. From what we currently know, the virus causes mild or moderate symptoms for most people however older adults and those with underlying health conditions are at a higher risk as the virus can cause pneumonia which can lead to death.


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