Turkey donates and exports 5,000 Ventilators

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The Industry and Technology Minister of Turkey, Mustafa Varank recently announced that Turkey has donated or exported at least 5,000 locally manufactured medical ventilators during the coronavirus pandemic to various locations worldwide in an effort to help other countries that are struggling with the virus.

Biosys, the Turkish biotech company produced just over 10,000 of the medical ventilators and half were either donated or sold to the various countries around the world.

Mass production of ventilators in Turkey

Biosys launched into mass production of the sought after devices in only two weeks last April, as the world was struggling to provide treatment for volumes of people suffering from various respiratory diseases as the pandemic took a hold. It was thanks to the support and backing of three companies which are, Baykar who produce unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), the major appliance firm Arcelik, and the giant Aselsan.

Varank was quick to stress that the winners in this new era around the world will be the governments, businesses, and individuals that can project the structural transformations that have been triggered by the coronavirus pandemic and make the changes and adapt to the new way of life immediately.

Infrastructure preparation in Turkey

Turkey has been working tirelessly to prepare its own infrastructure to be ready for the next period. Varank added how much the coronavirus has changed the behaviour and attitudes of the consumers in the country. The ILO (International Labor Organisation) also confirmed that the remote working ratio has risen by 25%, which was up by 8% when compared to the pre-pandemic period.

Online shopping growth in Turkey

Varank highlighted that the coronavirus has also propelled online shopping and people using debit and or credit cards to pay for their purchases. Markets and shopping malls have seen a 60% increase annually in credit card payments since the beginning of March 2020.

According to the latest data from the Trade Ministry, statistics show that the volume of e-commerce jumped to an all-time high in June, which was up by a staggering 93% when compared to the previous year.


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