Tourism industry in Turkey has great expectations for 2022


The expectation Turkey has put on their tourism sector for this year is very high. It should come to fruition though, as they have already received a huge number of reservations with many coming from the United Kingdom, which is an extremely important market for Turkey and its Mediterranean coast.

The head of TUROFED (The Turkish Hoteliers Federation), Tacettin Ozden said that even though the country was hit hard by the pandemic, the season has ended much better than the year before. Ozden spoke of how preparations for this year have begun in earnest and they have seen significant reservations from foreign markets.

Ozden went on to clarify that: “The reservations for 2022 point to a very positive course, therefore our expectations for the next year are quite high. We are hopeful that we will reach the figures of 2019 in 2022. We are receiving positive returns in 2022 in all markets.”

Which countries are making the reservations?

Tourists from Britain have made a lot of the early reservations but there are also many reservations that have started coming in from Belgium, German, and the Netherlands. In 2019, UK travellers totalled 2.3 million, this is because Turkey is one of the most favoured UK holiday destinations.

Ozden also reported that there is great demand from the Balkan countries, as they have no concerns about travelling to Turkey. He continued that: “Despite the pandemic, tourism can be maintained very properly in accordance with the rules.”

New markets and tourists

Even though COVID-19 hit the travel industry hard, tourists that had previously holidayed in Spain and Greece began coming to Turkey and Ozden believes that Turkey has won the hearts of those who visited for the first time. Commenting, Ozden said: “There is now a demand for Turkey from all over the world, we have gained new markets and tourists.”

Recent developments

There have been a lot of new developments since the pandemic that have favoured Turkey over their competition in the Mediterranean, which is where most of the worldwide travel traffic comes from. Turkey has become a leader, leaving France, Italy, and Spain behind as it welcomed tourists.

Turkey vs Spain visitor numbers

In the first ten months of last year Spain played host to 24.83 million visitors whereas Turkey topped this with 24.98 million. These figures put Turkey ahead by a massive 152,000 visitors and these are figures that forecasts already confirm are only going to keep growing.


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