Bolu experiencing hottest summer of the century

Forest in Turkey

Bolu in Turkey, a renowned tourist destination famous for its breathtaking natural landscapes and tranquil getaways, is currently experiencing the harsh repercussions of an unprecedentedly scorching summer as per the latest meteorological reports.

Soaring temperature of 40 degrees Celsius

A forest engineer, observed that: “Once accustomed to regular rainfall during these days, Bolu now confronts an unprecedented wave of scorching temperatures.” Bolu is a city known for its expansive forests with lush and vibrant greenery covering 65% of the city.

The city has experienced unprecedented heat waves this summer, with temperatures soaring up to 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit). This is the highest temperature recorded in the last 94 years. As the strong gusts of wind blew across the forests, the fading leaves gracefully fell to the ground.

What is causing this to happen in Bolu?

The authority has addressed the root cause of this issue, pointing out that Bolu has experienced a significant decline in rainfall, which has led to the current situation, but that they are confident that Bolu will overcome this struggle within the next few months as the rain returns.

Impact to be substantial if hot weather prolongs

The authority did warn of the dire consequences and highlighted the substantial impact of prolonged hot weather on Bolu's otherwise lush ecosystem. He went on to speak cautiously, saying: "Comparing the state of affairs from just a year ago to the present, the signs of climate change are evident. Continuing down this trajectory, diminishing yields and desiccated trees are an inevitable fate. From leaf to bark, root to trunk, the parched trees herald the looming loss of Bolu's iconic greenery, a defining facet of its allure."


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