Amazon invest in Turkey for the long term


Just a year after Amazon first launched its operations in Turkey, it is planning a long term investment and relationship. As the biggest e-commerce platform in the world, Amazon and Bogazici University now offer a training program to help small and medium sized business in Europe.

Amazon and Turkey

Recently, executives from Amazon told reporters when they were at the university that they have a seven-year plan for investing in Turkey, which will see them invest tens of millions of dollars in year one. Amazon started exporting products from Turkey in June in a whole host of categories to 28 countries in Europe including Germany and the UK.

Amazon Turkey has created a partnership with Bogazici University and the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchange of Turkey (TOBB) to offer SMEs e-commerce training and take full advantage of this new selling platform in Turkey.

The aim is for Amazon to provide 40 training seminars in 20 areas of Turkey, which will cover 2,000 SMEs. The Longlife Education experts at the university will conduct training sessions in affiliation with TOBB.

What will the seminars cover?

The training will cover a number of elements to include opportunities for e-export, digitalisation, ways to expand business by exporting, and the numerous sales opportunities that Amazon offers them. An expert said: “We attach great importance to this cooperation. Our SMEs will win, and Turkey will increase its business potential.” The expert described Turkey as a very exciting market where Amazon sees great potential for the development of a major export and production base.

Why Amazon chose Turkey?

The expert went on to say: “We have launched cooperation with Amazon for an important project where these features of Turkey are evaluated together. This approach of Amazon, which will contribute to Turkey’s exports and provide opportunities for small businesses wishing to expand abroad, is very significant. This is a very critical window of opportunity for Europe for young entrepreneurs, small craftsmen selling their hand-made products, and SMEs doing larger business hoping to expand abroad.”

Benefits of Amazon in Turkey

Xavier Garambois, the Vice President of Amazon Europe who has worked at Amazon for 17 years explained how SMEs can be very lucrative when it comes to production and design, however they have major issues in terms of distribution. This is where Amazon can help as they can offer customers all over Europe. Garambois said: “We have to put these two together.”

Garambois went on to explain the SMEs who plan to sell their products on Amazon will be given the opportunity to participate in an Amazon training program where they will build their knowledge, confidence and experience.

Long term investment in Turkey

In the first year, tens of millions of dollars have been invested. Garambois was quick to explain that: “Companies usually made a two to three year plan, looking to the future. For Turkey, we prepared a seven year plan. We are here for the long term investment.”

Currently Amazon is reserving their right to decide whether a centre will be established until they see how things work out in Turkey. Amazon was created in 1994 by Jeff Bezos as an internet book store, and in the past 25 years it has grown to be the largest Internet retailer in terms of market value and revenue worldwide.


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