1,000 Swiss-backed companies now operating in Turkey

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In the dynamic landscape of global economic collaborations, the bilateral relationship between Switzerland and Turkey has witnessed significant growth over the years. As of the latest data provided by the Central Bank, approximately 1,000 companies backed by Swiss capital are actively contributing to Turkey's economic landscape. This symbiotic partnership has proven to be mutually beneficial, with both nations reaping the rewards of substantial investments.

Switzerland a key investor in Turkey

According to Central Bank records spanning the period from 2005 to 2022, Switzerland has emerged as a key investor in Turkey, injecting a total of $4.312 billion into various sectors. This impressive figure underscores the confidence that Swiss entities have in Turkey's economic potential and stability. These investments, spanning diverse industries, have played a pivotal role in fostering economic growth and creating employment opportunities within the country.

In parallel, Turkey has reciprocated this economic collaboration by making substantial investments in Switzerland. Over the same period, Turkish investments in the Swiss economy amounted to $1.336 billion. This reciprocal flow of capital reflects the commitment of Turkish businesses to establish a robust presence in the Swiss market, tapping into its economic prowess and strategic advantages.

A dynamic partnership

The flourishing economic ties between Switzerland and Turkey extend beyond mere monetary transactions. The presence of 1,000 Swiss-backed companies operating in Turkey not only brings foreign expertise and technology but also facilitates knowledge exchange and cultural integration. Likewise, Turkish investments in Switzerland contribute to the diversification of the Swiss economy, fostering innovation and competitiveness.

The economic and cultural ties between Turkey and Switzerland have evolved into a multifaceted and dynamic partnership, exemplified by a foreign trade volume reaching an impressive $16 billion. Beyond the numerical value, this substantial figure serves as a testament to the significance of the relations between these two nations.

$16 billion foreign trade volume

The foreign trade volume of $16 billion serves as a key indicator of the economic interdependence between Turkey and Switzerland. This substantial figure reflects a robust exchange of goods and services, highlighting the mutual benefit derived from their economic partnership. The synergy between their economies has not only fostered growth but has also contributed to the resilience of their bilateral relations. Beyond economic indicators, the cultural exchange between the two nations adds another layer of depth to their relationship.

Annually, more than 300 thousand Swiss tourists choose Turkey as their destination, drawn to its rich history, diverse landscapes, and warm hospitality. Simultaneously, over 250 thousand people of Turkish origin have found a home in Switzerland.

Turkish community in Switzerland

The presence of a sizeable Turkish community in Switzerland, numbering over 250 thousand individuals, is a clear reflection of the enduring bonds between the two countries. This diaspora not only serves as a bridge between the nations but also plays a vital role in cultural exchange.

The enduring nature of the historical friendship between Turkey and Switzerland is a remarkable aspect of their relationship. Over many years, the two nations have weathered geopolitical shifts and economic transformations, yet their friendship has remained steadfast.

Continued collaboration in the future

The positive trajectory of Swiss-Turkish economic relations sets the stage for continued collaboration in the future. Both nations have demonstrated a commitment to deepening their economic ties, and this trend is likely to persist as they explore new avenues for cooperation. The exchange of investments and expertise is poised to play a pivotal role in driving sustainable economic development for both Switzerland and Turkey.

The data provided by the Central Bank underscores the strength and resilience of the economic partnership between Switzerland and Turkey. With substantial investments flowing in both directions, the collaboration between the two nations is emblematic of a thriving global economic landscape. As Swiss-backed companies continue to operate in Turkey and Turkish investments in Switzerland grow, the future holds promise for further economic integration and shared prosperity between these two nations.

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