How Istanbul is Redefining Neighbourhood and Community Vibes

Across the world, one common complaint about city living is that it loses its intimacy. The hustle and bustle, as well as a fast-paced lifestyle, evokes criticism that people don’t even know the name of their neighbours. Many also often remark that as a city focuses on money, money and more money, the lack of communal recreational facilities means it is tough to meet new people and make friends.

Media publications have even named the concept urban loneliness or urban isolation. Some people say they have experienced it while others scoff and say the social problem does not exist. It is a personal opinion, but for those who agree that urban isolation does exist, one country that would be impacted hard is Turkey.

The backbone of its traditions and social protocols are formed around family, friends and neighbours. Turkish people like nothing more than meeting new people and getting together with old friends, hence the traditional tea shops for the men, and sitting on doorsteps for women. In small villages, everyone knows your name, and it is still not unheard of, to leave your door open, comfortable in the knowledge that your neighbours are unlikely to fleece or steal from you.

However, builders and constructors of Istanbul real estate, the most forward thinking and advancing city in Turkey have found a way around this. Knowing their heritage like the back of their hand, they are incorporating the traditional community features into the large skyscraper buildings springing up all over the city. So, the social traditions are still there; they just look different.

Modern project in Istanbul

Fully Equipped Contemporary Istanbul Residences

One perfect example is this award-winning project in the Beylikduzu area of Istanbul. Selling a range of one to five-bedroom apartments, the architects have incorporated all aspects including leisure, family and shopping into one large space, that becomes like a mini city but with more of a personal feel.

The landscaped gardens and walking paths incorporate the Turks love of evening strolls, a sight in every town and village after the sun sets. Families love nothing more than watching the world go by and appreciating the moment during this time. They love it, even more, when the landscape is scenic and considered at one with nature.

Play parks are another social ritual in Turkish society and an excellent chance for mothers to make new friends, as well as encouraging their children to mix. The play park in this development unobtrusively blends in with the landscape, along with the communal swimming pools that at weekends and school holidays will be in full use.

Otherwise, for single people and group of friends, the inside bath and sauna, highlight an age-old tradition. The tourism industry has hijacked the traditional Turkish bath, which stretches back to the Ottomans who incorporated many of its features from the ancient Roman baths. However, for Turks, it is still a substantial community activity, and known as one of the best cleansing rituals there will ever be. They also favour it for its relaxing and stressing results.

Communal swimming pool

A Mega Project of Family Residences

Some city workers have the luxury of commuting back to their family homes, either at the end of the day or weekends, but families on a budget often can’t afford two houses. That is where this Istanbul constructor has stepped up to the mark because he has incorporated all the aspects of social and community life, but with an emphasis on family life.

This residence of 110 shops as well as 2, 3 and 4-bedroom apartments, aimed at conservative families make separated facilities a core feature but also heavily lean towards being child-friendly.

The onsite playgrounds and swimming pools will be in full use during summer, but things do not have to stop in winter because the indoor playroom will become the communal highlight for mothers and fathers. Another notable aspect of this project, however, is the strong emphasis on fitness and nature.

The immaculately landscaped gardens also feature a 1.4-kilometre walking track, making it feel like a mini version of Manhattan’s central park has come to Istanbul. Further enhancing the community feel is the indoor swimming pool, onsite restaurant and café, and Turkish bath but what makes this community from others is the onsite entertainment and games room.

With community amenities designed around summer and winter, there is no need for anyone living in this complex to suffer from urban isolation.

Green areas for neighbours

The Neighbourhood and Community Vibes of Istanbul

The above two projects are just a few of many that all prize themselves on community and social living. Turkey is eager to preserve its old traditions and trying to do this when our lifestyles are continually changing because of technology, is an arduous task. However, the up and coming architects of Istanbul know they do not need to think of innovative ideas to get people to come together. They merely incorporate the age-old traditions of friendship and community into today’s modern lifestyles.


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