France’s strategic investments in Turkey

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France has emerged as a significant player in fostering economic collaboration with Turkey through strategic investments. The partnership between these two nations goes beyond geographical borders, as France recognises the economic potential and opportunities that Turkey offers.

Diverse Investment Landscape:

France's economic engagement in Turkey spans a diverse range of sectors, reflecting the depth and breadth of their collaboration. From manufacturing to services, technology to infrastructure, French investments contribute to the growth and development of Turkey's economy, while simultaneously providing French companies with access to a dynamic market.

Strategic Alliances:

The strategic alliances formed through French investments play a crucial role in strengthening economic ties between the two nations. Joint ventures and partnerships contribute to knowledge exchange, technological advancements, and the sharing of best practices, fostering a collaborative environment that benefits both French and Turkish businesses.

Energy Sector:

One notable area of French investment in Turkey lies in the energy sector. French companies actively participate in projects related to renewable energy, contributing to Turkey's efforts to diversify its energy sources and promote sustainability. These investments not only address Turkey's growing energy needs but also align with global initiatives for a greener future.

Infrastructure Development:

France's commitment to infrastructure development in Turkey is evident in its investments in transportation, telecommunications, and urban development projects. These initiatives not only enhance the connectivity within Turkey but also contribute to the country's overall economic competitiveness.

Tourism and Hospitality:

France's interest in Turkey extends to the tourism and hospitality sector, capitalising on the country's rich cultural heritage and scenic landscapes. French investments in Turkish hotels, resorts, and tourism-related ventures contribute to the growth of Turkey's tourism industry, catering to both domestic and international visitors.

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How many Turkish companies France invests in?

A total of 1,618 companies with French capital are actively operating within Turkey’s borders. According to data provided by the Central Bank, these French capital companies have collectively invested a substantial amount in direct investments within the period spanning from 2002 to 2020, reaching a noteworthy sum of 7 billion 594 million Dollars. This figure underscores the considerable economic engagement and confidence that French businesses have demonstrated in the Turkish market over the past two decades.

In contrast, during the same timeframe, Turkish capital companies made direct investments in France totalling 235 million dollars. This data highlights a significant disparity in the scale of direct investments between the two countries, with French companies making substantial contributions to the Turkish economy compared to the relatively lower volume of Turkish investments in France.

A robust economic partnership

The presence of a large number of French capital companies operating within Turkey's business landscape signifies not only a robust economic relationship but also an acknowledgment of the favourable business environment and opportunities that the Turkish market offers to foreign investors. The substantial disparity in direct investments between the two countries reflects the asymmetry in economic contributions, with France playing a prominent role as a source of capital for Turkey's economic development. France's strategic investments in Turkey exemplify a robust economic partnership, grounded in mutual benefit and shared objectives.

From diverse sectors such as energy and infrastructure to fostering strategic alliances and contributing to Turkey's tourism sector, French investments play a pivotal role in shaping the economic landscape of both nations. As this collaboration continues to evolve, it reinforces the enduring ties between France and Turkey, fostering a future marked by sustained economic growth and shared prosperity.



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