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The town of Yalova is home to the terminal for the fast ferries across the Sea of Marmara and provides the quickest and easiest route to both Bursa and Istanbul. Yalova is a seaside resort with most of the homes along the coastline being holiday lets or second homes. Whilst Yalova is devoid of a multitude of attractions it is home to some of the most beautiful stretches of sand. The best of these beaches are located to the West of Yalova and are not recognised holiday resort style beaches and only accessible from talking with the locals. 
Beaches in Yalova

When in Yalova it is definitely worth exploring and asking the locals about the stretches of sand they would usually visit as you will then be able to reap the benefits of the more secluded beaches that tend to be a lot quieter as they are only used by residents or nationals that are visiting the area. The best way to travel to these areas is by the local dolmus (minibus) transport which will cost about 1.5TL per person. After a short trip west of Yalova you can uncover some of these beach areas that are tucked away.

The beach west of Yalova will also cost 1TL per person to enter and sun beds can also then are rented at a cost of approximately 6TL per person. On arrival at the beach you will find that the areas are devoid of tourists and naturally much quieter with not many children making for a more peaceful sunbathing experience and there are also many areas that you can swim in peace. 

Yalova marinaThe beach area is patrolled by a beach keeper who will be the perfect person to chat to about the area and what is on offer. There are a number of excellent fish restaurants within walking distance in particular the Unsal Balik Pazari restaurant which is well worth a visit and has something to suit all styles of diner. 

If you are not looking to swim or sunbathe then you may be best to head for the Yalova Marina which is located in Yalova on the North-Eastern coast of Turkey, and offers a number of facilities and services not only for the vessels that are docking but there are also a wealth of shops, restaurants and cafes to avail yourself of.

All in all wherever you find yourself staying in Yalova you will find that you are close to a beach area, Yalova is a small city with everything accessible by foot therefore you will find that you are never too far from a stretch of beach.

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