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Straight Talk , Istanbul , Land

Buy LAND and build your own home in ISTANBUL?

How do you buy land in Istanbul to build your dream home in Turkey? In this episode, we provide guidance and advice for those wanting to buy a plot of land instead of buying a villa in Istanbul.

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Straight Talk , Istanbul , Sea view

Are Bosphorus properties worth the money?

Bosphorus properties are some of the most commanding and luxurious homes that you will find in Turkey. In this episode of Straight Talk, we take a look at whether Bosphorus homes are worth it.

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Straight Talk , Investment , Istanbul

How to pick a great investment in Istanbul

We take a close look at how to make a killing with your investment in the Istanbul real estate market, including how to maximise your potential returns and make money when you come to sell.

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Straight Talk , Design & Build

Buying land and building your own home in Turkey

We take a look at the benefits of buying a plot of land in Turkey and building your own home from scratch. At Property Turkey, we have expert experience in helping our clients build their dream home.

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Straight Talk , Testimonials

A testimonial from a client’s investment journey to Istanbul

We speak to one of our clients, a Pakistani-American who recently invested in real estate in Istanbul. In this testimonial, the client talks through working with Property Turkey from start to finish.

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Smartly priced seafront Homes Istanbul

Smartly priced seafront Homes Istanbul

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