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Citizenship by Investment , Minute Talks

What is a Foreign Exchange Receipt?

In this episode of Minute Talks, we explain the new Turkish legislation that concerns all of Turkey's foreign real estate investors. What is a Foreign Exchange Receipt? Find out here today.

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Minute Talks

House sales jump %50 in November to ALL TIME HIGH

Is now the right time for foreigners to buy real estate in Turkey or not? In November, the total number of house sales jumped an impressive 50% according to the latest statistics released.

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Minute Talks , Urban Regeneration

ID Cards for Buildings in Turkey

In a new development, buildings in Turkey will have ID cards so that anyone can learn about building materials, earthquake resistance, unit number, and size. How will this help Urban Regeneration?

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Minute Talks , Property prices

How cheap is property in Turkey?

People often assume that buying a property in Turkey means buying a property at a cheaper cost than European counterparts. How true is this? We have a look at how cheap Turkish property is.

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Healthcare , Minute Talks

Healthcare in Turkey - how much does it cost?

A Minute Talks video taking a look at the healthcare system in Turkey, including healthcare options for expats and those who buy properties in Turkey. How much does healthcare cost in Turkey?

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