Tatiana P from Moscow

I found Property Turkey accidentally while browsing the Internet with a vague idea of buying a property in Turkey. Katya, a member of the London office team contacted me, and my intention started taking a more real shape.

Taking into consideration my requirements, she put together a list of suitable properties and I went on an inspection trip with the company. In Bodrum I was shown dozens of properties by the Bodrum team. I asked lots of questions about each of them, and was frankly told about the merits and the drawbacks of each, and what to look at (I was totally unfamiliar with the peculiarities of the marine climate). Four days later, I returned home with the confidence that had made the right decision and determined to buy a villa, which was not originally on my list. Acquainted with me, knowing my tastes and style, Property Turkey manager showed me just exactly what I needed!

For the Russian citizens the process of buying in Turkey is not easy, but thanks to the employees of the company and it’s Turkish solicitor Mehmet Sinop, I did not feel any unease.

And, most importantly, I was always confident in the integrity and transparency of the legal history of the property – the one that I bought and all the others I was shown.  

Time has proved that I was right -  the purchase was made a year ago. The fact that I have now that I've "tried out" their purchase, speaks for itself.

I would like to express my gratitude to Property Turkey. Katya, Ayne, Samet, Darren - thanks a lot!

Tatiana P, Moscow.


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Smartly priced seafront Homes Istanbul

Smartly priced seafront Homes Istanbul

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